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Our highly skilled team of designers and developers will do their best to dream and build anything your heart desires

Web Design & Development


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We value aesthetic prowess as much as user experience, and every project we work on balances stunning visuals and practical application. Our experienced and diverse web team were hand-picked for their extensive brand experience and would love to hear your brief.

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Web Design


Aesthetics are absolutely vital for any kind of marketing. We know that consumers trust their visual tastes completely, so building beautiful and fit-for-purpose websites, landing pages, ads, and even videos has to be an essential part of our offering. Our incredibly talented web team have been hired with equal measures of creativity and technical ability. We’ve built and designed everything from full scale websites, to beautiful display banners.

Our websites are also built with SEO, usability and your marketing strategy front of mind so we can ensure that your site not only looks great but performs optimally too.

If you think you’ve got a unique challenge for us, bring it on. Get in touch and we’ll show you our portfolio!

Full Website Design
Landing Page Design
Newsletter Templates
Shemin’s offer delicious curry pastes for home cooking and we were delighted to make them a beautiful, conversion-focused new website
We designed & developed a new site for this luxury bespoke holiday provider, achieving a high level of onsite engagement
We created a website for Children with Cancer UK that made carrying out research a fuss-free experience for health professionals
We rebranded Vivo with a new name, logo, and website, resulting in a 27% uplift in time on site

Web Development


A high-performing website is the bread and butter of any successful business. The internet has evolved significantly since the early days, and simply having an online presence is no longer enough.

Today, your website has to be well-designed, finely-tuned and developed to the highest standards. The architecture, design, and development all have to be expertly-crafted to create a smooth, engaging experience, which turns visitors into customers. Your site structure needs to work with you SEO and marketing strategy to ensure good rankings and strong conversion rate and with the dominant use of mobile devices, having a mobile friendly site is critical.

atom42’s team of developers can help you achieve these goals.

Development of new site from scratch
Updating of existing site
Creating tools and widgets
Fixing site errors
Ongoing website maintenance
We altered the site to improve performance, redeveloping it in a way that enables us to make bespoke changes
We built a new website that seamlessly integrates with Premier’s internal CRM and payment systems
Video can be technically demanding on the user’s computer. We developed the Frank Warren site to handle video more effectively
We built Adventure Island a new website which included the functionality to connect to a third-party ticket purchasing system



The visual story your branding tells can make a fast and powerful impact on potential customers. Whether you’re a new business that wants to start from scratch, or an established brand that needs to rethink and refresh, our branding experts can guide you through everything, from a brand strategy to a logo design. Get in touch and we’ll give you more details.

Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Online Asset Creation
We rebranded Vivo with a new name, logo, and website, resulting in a 27% uplift in time on site
We helped create the concept branding for Future Legal Mind, National Accident Helpline’s annual award for talented law students
We provided a logo which reflected the spirit of Helping Hands, National Accident Helpline’s initiative to help communities come together
We helped National Accident Helpline brand a competition which rewarded the winner with a bundle of canine-related goodies

Visual Media

Modern day web browsing is demanding alternative ways to engage customers

With the ever-increasing influence of YouTube, Instagram and other visual media platforms online, video, animation and photography are playing a pivotal role in digital marketing strategies.

At atom42 we have experienced videographers, photographers and animation artists who can create beautiful assets to help communicate your brand and its offering.

We created an animation for a video which has been widely distributed across social media and on their main website
Our photos of National Accident Helpline’s Creating Waves competition winners were distributed on news sites across the UK
We regularly visit BoxNation events and press conferences and produce video clips and photographs for social media
For Spartan Race, we have attended events and produced video clips and photographs for their social media channels

Apps & Widgets

Want to improve user engagement with a sumptuous app or a handy widget?

The number of users experiencing the web via mobile devices is constantly growing. Because of this, businesses are looking to further their reach by creating dedicated apps for mobile devices. With our experience of developing successful mobile solutions, we can help.

Looking to increase user engagement on your website and provide your users with useful tools? We can help grow your business by creating tools and widgets such as calculators, quizzes and even games.

Interactive Games
Social Apps
We redesigned and developed National Accident Helpline’s market leading compensation calculator
Our interactive ‘matching pairs’ memory game was designed to educate people about the calories in alcoholic drinks
We created a smartphone app which enables users to score and share boxing matches in realtime during an event
Our postcode lookup widget informs users if operates in their area


We can make your business come to life through design

Our design team is skilled in creating anything you need designed for digital or print. Whether you need an overhaul of your branding, digital assets such as display ads and infographics to make data look beautiful, or offline assets such as signage, posters or flyers, atom42 are a one stop shop for a huge variety of design projects. Get in touch with us to find out more about what we can do for your business.

Remarketing Ads
Display Ads
Social Posts
Posters, Flyers, Brochures
Business Cards
Landing Pages
We have created a number of infographics for to support our content work, which have been used across the web
We create both digital and print assets for Drinkaware to help spread knowledge about children and alcohol, and the risks
As well as working on their online assets, our design team created print flyers to help Premier advertise their personal training
Our team of skilled designers produced a beautiful poster for Spartan Race, which was displayed at one of their events


We can help create a smooth, converting user experience

A beautiful website is just one element of a successful business. The way in which your users engage with your site is arguably more important.

Our user experience experts know how to create insightful usability testing projects and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategies to help you understand how your visitors behave. Knowing this will help us create a more effective user experience, driving more conversions, and increasing your revenue.

A/B Testing
Contents Experiments
Analysis & Reporting
Usability Testing
Heat Map Tracking
Session Recordings
Our UX testing project included analytic analysis and reporting, plus re-development of their existing website
After carrying out a full UX testing project, we re-designed the main website using the insights gained from testing.
We ran UX testing sessions and compiled an analytics report for Make-A-Wish, delivering insights which they acted upon successfully.
After running UX testing, we are in the process of redesigning their new website.