Consultancy & Training

For those projects you’ve never been able to fix in house

Consultancy & Training


It doesn’t matter if it’s a paid strategy that’s in need of a little TLC, a content calendar for the next 12 months or some training on Google Analytics – no matter how niche or how vague, we’d love help you out. Sometimes, all you need is a short term solution and, if you do, we’re here and happy to help. Give us a ring, let us know what needs doing and we’ll put together a bespoke proposal to meet your business needs.

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Online Activity Audit


Audits come in all shapes and sizes, but boil down to this: we’ll go over your website, the space, or your competitor set, with a fine tooth comb and present all the potential problems and ways to fix them. You can then either hire us to fix the problems for you, or take away our insights, knowing that you have a pretty solid plan of action. If you suspect there’s something a bit wrong with your digital offering, let us have a dig around. You’ll be surprised by what we can find…

Technical Audit
Competitor Analysis
Content Review
SEO and Keyword Analysis
PPC Audit
We audited online activity and put together an in-depth online marketing strategy to improve their digital performance
We made recommendations around PPC & SEO to help increase the number of people donating on their site
We audited their site and helped implement key changes to help drive donations.
We undertook an online activity audit to help CONEL improve SEO and PPC across their site.

Technical Audit


Technical SEO is the foundation upon which all other work is built. It’s about making a website fast, error-free, and easily crawlable by search engines. Whatever else is good about it, a website that is not technically sound will have problems ranking well for good keywords. Fixing technical errors on a website clears the way for the more strategic parts of SEO – like digital PR and content – to have a much bigger positive impact. Fixing errors can be easy, but spotting the error can be hard. We have worked on hundreds of websites, and we can help you discover which areas of your site have issues, and what type of changes are most appropriate.

Site Speed Analysis
Duplicate Content Prevention
Click Depth
Rich Snippets
HTTP Response Checking
Fixing Broken Links
Bot Crawl Analysis
We helped Future Learn open up course pages to search engines and dealt with potential pitfalls such as duplicate content
We identified and corrected issues that were blocking parts of the Care UK site from Google, increasing organic traffic by 200%
We advised Active IQ on issues that was making content on certain pages of their website invisible to search bots
We perform regular audits on the National Accident Helpline site to uncover problems and identify opportunities

Marketing Strategy


Strategic thinking is in our nature. We understand that coming up with a strategy involves taking a broad and tactical approach, ensuring the business has a thorough, all-encompassing set of guidelines, leading towards an agreed and universal goal. Sometimes, an old strategy isn’t working and you need to refresh your businesses thinking. At other times, a business is growing and suddenly has the budget to invest in a strategy for a new area. Either way, we’ll put together something unique that compliments your brand’s core values across the online space, whether that’s content, SEO, or PPC.

Content Marketing Strategy
Keyword Strategy
Social Strategy
PPC Strategy
By creating a dynamic pricing strategy, we were able to double conversion rate and make the business profitable
We launched Your Dispute, consulting on branding, content & marketing strategy, creating a brand that was successfully sold by the client
We created a full online marketing strategy for PPI Claimline, from branding to site design and channel execution
We launched the multi-platform digital lifestyle brand for female millennials, with bespoke PPC, SEO, native and content strategies

Migration Support


Too many times we’ve seen brand managers come to us distraught after a poorly planned website migration. Without the proper technical measures put in place, you can end up with lost rankings, broken links and, even worse, SEO penalties. Don’t let this happen to you! Our technical experts are adept at guiding development agencies and teams through migrations from a unique SEO perspective. If you’re planning a new website, get in touch with us as soon as possible, as we can help out with SEO structural planning and URL changes, and also advise on information architectures.

Maintaining or Restoring Rankings
Setting up Redirects
Transferring Analytics
Information Architecture
URL restructuring
Content Advice
We ensured Drinkaware’s site restructure did not hurt their organic rankings and implemented effective onsite tracking
We successfully migrated Premier’s old site onto a new platform, increasing their organic site traffic
Bounty asked us to repair a poor migration. We regained their previous rankings and more within four months
We migrated the website onto a new platform, maintaining top rankings on highly competitive keywords

Marketing Training


Is your highly talented team lacking a few key digital skills? Our training courses can make a huge impact on internal marketing teams who just need a bit of online know-how. From editorial writers who need a helping hand knowing how to optimise content for SEO, to management teams who want to know the difference between content strategy and content marketing. Every single session is uniquely tailored to you, so let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll let you know if we can create it for you.

SEO & PPC Training
Content Writing Workshops
Adwords Walkthrough
Coding Introduction
Tools Training
We worked with Abel and Cole to train their in-house team on website authority and link building
We worked with venue managers to improve their social media activity, giving them guidance on effective techniques
We helped Electricpoint navigate AdWords and the complex world of product listing ads
Excel is an important tool for Drinkaware’s reports. We held some excel training sessions to help upgrade their sheets

Penalty Recovery


It’s ok, it happens. Perhaps it was down to historic practises, or maybe you made an honest mistake. The question is, what are we going to do to fix it? Well, that’s where we can help. We’ll do an audit, we’ll find the source of the penalty and we’ll eliminate it. We’ll help you with fixing problems we find, and guide you through any reconsideration requests. We can also provide general guidance to your team on algorithmic penalties. Give us a call, explain the situation, and we’ll do everything we can to help you regain the visibility and rankings you deserve.

Manual Penalty Recovery
Link Profile Analysis
Spam Detection / Removal
Content Quality Review
Reconsideration Requests
We cleaned their link profile, built new links & successfully submitted a reconsideration request following penguin 2.0
We audited and corrected all redirects and re-wrote all content following a manual penalty
We re-wrote content, built new, quality inbound links, and regained rankings following penguin and panda updates
We run regular analysis of link profiles and content to ensure our clients are protected against a Google penalty