26 Nov 2020
By Bexy

How we maintained company culture during lockdown

I know, I know – it’s another Covid-19 blog post! I hear you. We’re all sick to the back teeth of the impact that 2020 has had on us and the impact it has had on our social lives.  As soon as it became clear that we were no longer going to be able to…

18 Nov 2020
By Kristina Pishta

How it feels to leave Atom42

Recently I’ve made a hard decision to leave Atom42. Even though I have worked here for only 2 years, this experience has become one of the most amazing & life-changing. Wanna know why? I joined Atom42 at a turning point in my life. That moment I was in the middle of changing my career from…

01 Oct 2020
By Tom Sanchez

Stuck in Costa Rica: Working ‘From Home’ Overseas During A Global Pandemic

There are hundreds of stories out there showing how terrifying getting stranded abroad can be. And rightly so. You’re away from home, far from your family and loved ones, on a budget, and in many cases not even being able to speak the local language. I recently experienced most of these things myself, but I’m…

04 May 2020
By Dominika

Starting a new job during a global pandemic

How would you describe your first day at work? A bit stressful? Exciting? Or maybe a lot to take in? I think the best way to describe mine would be to say; just in time to pick up my work laptop before the entire country went to quarantine. I’m not going to lie, it was…

12 Dec 2019
By Lizzy

Atom42 go from marketing to marathons

Here at atom, we love taking on the odd challenge or two. We’re encouraged to push ourselves to the next level, learn new skills and be willing to take a step outside of our comfort zone once in a while. However, I never really knew how large of a step I’d ever take out of…

25 Oct 2019
By Bexy

World Food Day 2019: atom42 edition

You may or may not know that it was World Food Day last week – a day for feasting that we have readily gobbled up every year for the past 6 years! Every year, we celebrate World Food Day because we love a good excuse to:  Explore foods that are significant to our colleagues Eat…

02 Aug 2019
By atom42

Atom42 Go Hiking: A Timeline

As an online marketing agency, we’re no strangers to throwing ourselves in at the deep end, given how quickly the digital space moves. Last week, a group of 19 atoms went one step further and took on a challenge that well over half of us would never have even contemplated before; tackling the infamous Yorkshire…

17 Oct 2017
By Bex

From bar to Digital PR

London had always been a pipe dream for me, with the soaring cost of renting a property and everyday amenities becoming a looming financial boogieman that made relocating more than a little terrifying. Nonetheless, in what is a very uncharacteristic move for me, I decided to fly by the seat of my pants and give…

20 Mar 2017
By Jamie

Considering veganism? 1 in 5 atoms recommend it… why?

In the UK, figures suggest that vegans make up just over 1% of the population. However here at atom, almost 20% of us are vegan. We thought this was interesting, especially as this seems to follow the growing interest in veganism in the UK, so decided to ask some of our vegan atoms about their…

atom thought
16 Jul 2016
By Toni

The Company You Keep

This month marks a whole year since I moved from my tiny little home city to the metropolis that is London. One whole year of hot tube journeys, voiceless commutes, and working at atom42. Moving to London is a hard thing to do, and before I moved I’d been told by so many friends that…

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