How it feels to leave Atom42

18 Nov 2020
By Kristina Pishta

Recently I’ve made a hard decision to leave Atom42. Even though I have worked here for only 2 years, this experience has become one of the most amazing & life-changing. Wanna know why?

I joined Atom42 at a turning point in my life. That moment I was in the middle of changing my career from Web developer to Web designer and had also just moved to the UK. 

Joining an agency and starting a new life in the new country was exciting, but also such a terrifying experience. Nevertheless, Atom became the best support & the best friend one could wish for. Let me tell you what’s so special about them and why it’s never easy to leave Atom.


People who work here are not only dedicated & passionate about the job they do, they really care about others too! Whether that’s a client, a colleague or a stranger – atoms are always welcoming, supportive and generous. 

Also, I can’t even count how many times atoms participated in charity events running marathons, taking bike challenges or climbing mountains. When you become a part of such a “giving” community, you re-estimate your own values, becoming a more open and grateful person yourself.


If you have watched “Friends”, you were definitely jealous of them having coffee together in that Central Perk cafe all the time. Well, that’s what happens in the Atom office every lunch. That fun and cheerful atmosphere that surrounds you every day never fails to energise and inspire you.  

Aside from daily lunches full of laughs & joy, there’s a fun thing happening every month. VR experience, Mini golf, Curling, treasure hunt, Crystal Maze… Sounds amazing, huh?

With Atom I had so much fun. These tiny things really made me feel happy to be there with these awesome people every day.


Work hard, play hard – that’s how I would describe Atom. Working there is not ONLY about the fun of course. 

Any agency has many clients which means lots of work, and atom is no different. However, as a web designer, I would never get as much professional experience as I did in Atom. These daily challenges push to learn new stuff, research, think from different perspectives to finally deliver something you will be really proud of. That’s why if you’re passionate about your job, you’re definitely gonna enjoy working here.


In Atom you always feel supported. Your team is there for you and they will always cover your back. You can rely on them. You can share your insecurities, concerns or doubts and be sure you will be heard. That gives you a lot of confidence. 

Not only does the company invest in your personal education, but we also attend conferences (shout out to Women In Tech SEO!) and hold regular trainings with other atoms. Being in Atom means being a part of a community that constantly grows, develops, learns and shares their experiences with each other.


Last but not least, the most valuable thing about Atom is it’s transparency. You don’t feel isolated just because you’re not a part of the management board. You actually are always aware of what’s happening, how is it happening, what are the next steps and you always have a voice. 

In fact, all those amazing things I was describing above are not organised by one person or a single department. People who work here are the ones who do it. You can (I’d even say you’re engaged to) take a part of every aspect of Atom life, whether this is organising a trip, handling training or pitching for a potential client.

So many things I learned, experienced and discovered in these 2 years that one article wouldn’t be enough to describe it. And yet, I have to go and try to conquer that world on my own, taking on the challenge of being a freelancer. But you know what – with all that knowledge and experience I got in Atom42, that won’t not be that hard.

With all love,

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