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02 Mar 2020
By Kris

Google’s interpretation of nofollow tags has changed

When nofollow tags were introduced by Google in 2005, they were a way to instruct Google not to count any link marked with nofollow as a ranking signal to the search algorithm – and also as a signal to Googlebot not to crawl or index any URL marked with nofollow. However, last year, Google published…

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27 Feb 2020
By Alwin

What you should know about Google Discovery ads

Here, we explore Google Discovery ads, and how it has been performing for us and our clients. We also suggest what you should look out for if you’re considering using a Discovery campaign, including how to prevent automatic expansion. What are Google discovery ads? Google discovery ads were launched by Google in beta at the…

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02 Jan 2019
By Nick

Facebook faltering? A look back at 2018 on the social network

After coming under intense scrutiny for the way it handles user data, the issue of fake news, and further revelations about political ad-targeting before the 2016 U.S. elections, Facebook’s reputation took a hit in 2018. Their stock price has also fallen, and some shareholders called for Mark Zuckerberg to resign as chairman. Despite Zuckerberg committing…

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22 Nov 2018
By Rich

How we used AMP to double conversion rate

Google are pretty transparent on their feelings towards site speed. Faster is better. They even back it up with a pretty scary stat 53% of users will leave a page if it hasn’t loaded within 3 seconds. What’s clear here, is that site speed isn’t an SEO thing, it’s a user thing, and increasing your…

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10 Oct 2018
By Weronika

Industry Watch: Measuring the impact of a botched e-commerce redesign

In this edition of Industry watch, we’re focusing the spotlight on ASOS. Yes, this is another website redesign gone wrong story. The shocking twist – somehow even the biggest online businesses out there struggle to get this right. Dislike Your New Look! – Yours Sincerely, Googlebot In December 2017 ASOS changed the look of their…

atom42 Digital Marketing Blog
02 Jan 2018
By atom42

A Complete Guide to Voice Search in 2018

The data is undeniable: voice search is becoming more popular, with mass adoption of ‘home assistants’ continuing to increase through 2017. Below we explore how the trend for voice search looks moving into 2018 and beyond, how voice search impacts the way people search and what you can do to ensure you’re well placed to…

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08 Nov 2017
By Jamie

Be a nuisance. Disruptive PPC tactics to stand out from the crowd.

Paid search is often a crowded and competitive place. This is to be expected: if a keyword is commercially lucrative, and has a substantial search volume, anyone operating in that space is going to want to bid on it. And, with Google suggesting that you use the target keyword in your ad text – with…

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03 Nov 2017
By Paul

To In-House, or to Agency? That is the question

“That’s why I love agencies…”, said the Head of Digital of a large, well-known online brand. “I don’t have to worry about sickness or holidays, hiring and firing; they just take care of all that for me.” This is just one of many rationales I’ve heard for making the agency versus in-house decision. It’s a…

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01 Nov 2017
By Jamie

Should you trust Google’s Smart Bidding technology?

Google launched their ‘Smart Bidding’ technology a little over a year ago now – one which applies deep machine learning to automate bids during each and every auction, whilst taking into account a wide range of signals to set the optimal bid for that particular search, at that particular time. Now, it should be said…

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27 Oct 2017
By Stacy

3 fundamental mistakes brands make when looking for a new digital marketing agency

Over the last year, I have spent almost 100% of my time receiving and responding to brands who need a new digital agency. My experiences have varied wildly, and I decided it’s now time to share the mistakes I believe brands make which make finding the most suitable agency very difficult. Not giving a clear…

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