atom thought

atom thought
24 Oct 2017
By Brogan

Evolving your business into a brand

If we ask you to think of a well known brand and logo, it’s likely your thoughts will drift towards the large and well known; Coca Cola and their vibrant red or Nike and their iconic “tick”. It’s this immediacy that every brand aspires to have, to be recognisable, to create their own unique logo…

13 Oct 2017
By atom42

Think Google’s New Ad Budget is bad? Wait until you see what’s coming next..

You may have logged into your AdWords account recently to find that, moving forwards, Google will effectively take some liberties with your AdWords budget, making it possible to spend DOUBLE your daily budget, with this message visible in AdWords accounts: Yep, Google can now increase your daily spend by up to twice it’s set level…

atom thought
13 Mar 2017
By Kris

By focusing on SEO signals, Google sacrifices the quality of its local results

Dave was the most experienced bicycle mechanic in his area. He had run a successful workshop for 20 years. Dave wanted to allow cyclists to find his business online, and had decided to create a website for his shop. He read the Google webmaster SEO guidelines: “Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that…

atom thought
27 Jan 2017
By atom42

Peering into the crystal ball: paid search predictions for 2017

Following on from our coverage of the biggest changes in PPC in 2016, here we look forward to what we predict will be the some of the biggest topics in paid search for the year ahead, including the AdWords redesign, smart bidding, and a greater role for audiences. Without further ado… The AdWords redesign will…

atom thought
23 Jan 2017
By Jamie

Expanded Text Ads…Do They Work?

Ever since Google introduced Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) back in July, advertisers and agencies have been testing the new ad format against regular text ads, to see how performance varies.   On paper Expanded Text Ads sound perfect. Around 50% more ad text available to highlight key messages and USPs, making it easier to entice…

atom thought
09 Jan 2017
By Joshua

SEO in 2017 – Our Predictions

We’ve finally put 2016 to bed, and with it another year of changes in SEO. However, as you’re all well aware the ‘fun’ never stops when it comes to SEO, and here at Atom we’ve been busy discussing our predictions for 2017. Want to see the biggest changes of 2016? Check out our article on…

atom thought
30 Dec 2016
By Joshua

What Changed in SEO in 2016

As Google release their Year in Search trends data, we at atom42 have started to reflect on the ups and downs, changes and trends that occurred in search in 2016, to better understand the changes, their impact and what it may signal for search in 2017. Below you’ll find some of the bigger changes to…

atom thought
29 Dec 2016
By atom42

What changed in PPC in 2016?

2016, eh? What a year. In the wider world, not such a great year. Let’s definitely look ahead to 2017 there. Looking back at 2016 from the perspective of PPC however, and there were a lot of big, exciting changes. Here we’re looking back on three changes in the space which we thought were particularly…

atom thought
16 Jul 2016
By Toni

The Company You Keep

This month marks a whole year since I moved from my tiny little home city to the metropolis that is London. One whole year of hot tube journeys, voiceless commutes, and working at atom42. Moving to London is a hard thing to do, and before I moved I’d been told by so many friends that…

atom thought
26 May 2016
By Stacy

Breaking the rules of ad writing

OK, so before I start, let me just caveat a few things. I was brought up by an army dad and He. Loved. Rules. In all honestly, I love rules, too. However, in the crowded world of Search, sometimes blindly following the rules can lead to a lack of creativity and stand-out, and can ultimately…

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