atom thought

atom thought
17 Aug 2012
By Eleanor

Google Panda: this is no time for a quick exit

There hasn’t been a quick fix for those whose sites have been pandalised by Google. The days of pandering to old world link-building exercises are over, and new approaches are moving in to take their place. Some exciting SEO marketing strategies are beginning to emerge and helping webmasters to get a pandle (ok, enough now)…

atom thought
17 May 2012
By Iain

Negative SEO

Negative SEO. Not a new concept, but one that‘s raised its ugly head again recently. This is partly down to Google’s Penguin update reminding lazy SEOs of the fact that pointing dodgy links at a site can severely impede its ability to rank. So what counts as negative SEO? SEOMoz’s ever-helpful Rand Fishkin responded to…

atom thought
19 Apr 2012
By Ankur

New World Linking: Building New Generation Relationships Online

With SEOs everywhere staring wide-eyed like someone just snatched their favourite teddy away from under their noses, there’s no doubt that Google’s radical changes to how they view and value links have been a massive wake-up call to the industry. You can kind of get an idea about the thinking behind some of these changes,…

atom thought
20 Mar 2012
By Parker

(P)interesting: using Pinterest to market your brand

In a world full of Facebooks, Twitters, YouTubes and MySpaces, it is surely impossible for us to squeeze anything else into our jam packed, internet-led lives. Or is it? Pinterest hasn’t yet celebrated its second birthday, but it is already driving more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. Most users are in the US,…

atom thought
31 Oct 2011
By Rachael

Technology in the not-so-distant future

I’m sure I’m not alone in my penchant for dystopian sci-fi novels. Or maybe I am. Either way, one thing I’ve been thinking about since reading Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart is our increasing dependence on technology to get us through everyday life. I can’t help wishing I could fast-forward and take…

atom thought
26 Sep 2011
By Ankur

Five similarities between PPC and the stock market

It’s no secret that a well managed stock portfolio and a good pay per click (PPC) account can both yield a high return on investment. And in each case, while it’s easy to set up an account and get started, managing one can be quite complex. But the similarities don’t end there. This post highlights…

atom thought
08 Sep 2011
By Jamie

Underestimating social media

We have all heard about how social media is an incredibly powerful tool that has revolutionised the way companies market their products, with the ability to target campaigns at specific customers based on quantitative research and analysis, as well as individual desires. But you all knew that already didn’t you? Well, it seems that there…

atom thought
02 Mar 2011
By atom42

The Mobile Explosion

“Hi, my name is Kate and I’m addicted to my smartphone” Our very own Kate Prior isn’t alone. Having invested in a brand spanking new iPhone just before Christmas, the number of hours I’ve spent Facebooking/checking emails/searching/YouTubing/gaming is probably into the millions… Ironically the number of minutes spent actually calling anyone is probably only about…

atom thought
17 Feb 2011
By atom42

What do Facebook Deals mean for UK Businesses?

Facebook has added yet another dimension to its social offering with the introduction of Facebook Deals in the U.K. The model, a clear imitation of the Foursquare concept, is a location-based service which encourages users to check into places or businesses such as shops, restaurants and bars, often offering discounts for those who do. Every…

atom thought
01 Jan 2011
By atom42

Merging the Online World with the Real World

The things we can do nowadays… We can scan a barcode whilst out and about and the item will be added to our online shopping basket. Instantly compare the price of a book in Waterstones to see if we can get it cheaper online. Access an array of military satellites to triangulate our exact position…

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