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05 Jan 2023
By Alec

Expand your reach through Modern Search

What is Modern Search? Put very simply, Modern search is a campaign structure for traditional Search campaigns. Using Modern Search allows you to embrace Google’s automation abilities by pairing Broad match keywords and Smart Bidding.  Think of Modern Search as a way to capture more search demand by casting a wider net via your keywords….

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20 Mar 2020
By Nick

5 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media specialist Nick Munday lists his top five easy-to-use tools to create high quality content.

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27 Feb 2020
By Alwin

What you should know about Google Discovery ads

Here, we explore Google Discovery ads, and how it has been performing for us and our clients. We also suggest what you should look out for if you’re considering using a Discovery campaign, including how to prevent automatic expansion. What are Google discovery ads? Google discovery ads were launched by Google in beta at the…

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23 Jan 2020
By Alwin

How to optimise Google Local Campaigns for your business

Google released Local Campaigns in the middle of 2019. While its capabilities for brick-and-mortar locations are exciting, some marketers are hesitant to run this type of campaign because of the lack of control. There are no bid adjustments, no placement, demographic, or device targeting, and even ad scheduling is nowhere to be found. In today’s…

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08 Nov 2019
By Nick

A marketing guide to TikTok

New social media apps pop up all the time, but only a select few really become a worldwide success. TikTok is quickly gaining popularity and is being tipped to rival the main platforms very soon. Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, this summary will bring you up to speed: What is TikTok, and how does…

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21 Oct 2019
By Nick

Earn money from your videos with Facebook Ad Breaks

In September 2018, Facebook rolled out a new feature called ‘Ad Breaks’, enabling publishers to monetise their organic video content if they meet certain criteria. This year we’ve successfully used this for one of our clients BoxNation. Here’s some further information into how they work: Learn more about Ad Breaks What are Ad Breaks? Short…

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01 Feb 2019
By atom42

PPC automation series: part 3 – Reporting and analysing your automated campaigns

Now onto the third and final part  of our PPC automation series; reporting and analysing (if you missed parts one and two, you can find them here and here). This is an important step that requires some planning and consideration ahead of your transition in to automated bidding strategies.  Due to automation being a relatively…

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19 Nov 2018
By atom42

PPC automation series: part 2 – Ad writing & testing

In part 1 of our PPC automation series, we talked about bidding. Here, in part 2, we’re going to cover the different ways in which you can automate the ad creation process (or at least partially) – once more with the goal of giving you more time to focus on work that really matters. Without…

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14 Sep 2018
By Jamie

PPC Automation Series: Part 1 – Bidding

Levels of automation in paid search are rising fast, and we believe this is a change to be embraced. Automation – when done well – allows for more efficient management and optimisation of paid activity, ultimately freeing up time to focus on more strategic thought and action. In this series, we’re going to look at…

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12 Mar 2018
By Toni

Three Easy Ways To Find Content Gaps

In this digital age if you’re not optimising your content regularly, you’re not doing digital marketing right. But one thing we *think* many people aren’t doing is creating new, long-life content on your website and taking a step away from the quick and easy content often found on company blogs. Don’t worry, we’re not saying…

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