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16 Jan 2018
By Joshua

Optimising crawl budget to improve rankings

We take a closer look at what crawl budget is, how it can affect your website, and what you can do to ensure you’re giving your content the best chance of ranking by making best use of your available crawl budget. The below insights and fixes are perhaps not for beginners. But for larger sites…

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08 Nov 2017
By Jamie

Be a nuisance. Disruptive PPC tactics to stand out from the crowd.

Paid search is often a crowded and competitive place. This is to be expected: if a keyword is commercially lucrative, and has a substantial search volume, anyone operating in that space is going to want to bid on it. And, with Google suggesting that you use the target keyword in your ad text – with…

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29 Sep 2017
By Kate


Data is the lifeblood of atom42; gathering it, studying it, reporting on it and acting on it are all critical parts of our day. But something which had always bothered me was how long the gathering and reporting parts took… We pulled performance data daily for all of our clients, reports from Analytics, Adwords, Bing…

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13 Sep 2017
By Joshua

5 tips for in-house SEOs at BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO is a bit of a unicorn in the conference world. Starting out with humble beginnings in a pub in Brighton, it’s established itself as one of the largest SEO conferences in Europe. Unlike its contemporaries, BrightonSEO allows you to enjoy talks from leading industry minds without the need to re-mortgage the office to cover…

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01 Aug 2017
By Corinne

Five Reasons to Create Content Beyond Your Business

Content creation is part of every digitally-minded business strategy. It’s vital for your business to offer useful information about your specific products and services. But there are reasons for creating content that’s outside of your industry. Here are five good reasons to create content beyond the scope of your business. 1. You’ll reach a bigger…

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26 Jun 2017
By Josh

Are these the most important organic ranking factors of 2017?

We like to keep a close eye on any research related to ranking factors, and SEMRush’s ranking factors report has given us plenty to chew over since its release last week. To create their report, SEMRush has combined close to 600,000+ keywords in the top 100 positions and split them by both the keyword volume…

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09 Jun 2017
By Matt

How to use Python for pro-active SEO automation

It’s painful to see an important ranking drop, at the best of times. It’s worse when you learn the drop was avoidable. Whether the client changed a tag last week and didn’t tell you or your internal team pushed an unexpected update, no matter what size your team, it can be easy for content updates…

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08 Jun 2017
By Stacy

How to use online advertising as an SME

I was recently asked for some advice from an SME owner on what works and what doesn’t with different online marketing channels. I thought I would share the advice I gave for any of you considering which online advertising channels to use for your own SME. It’s easy for SMEs to spend thousands on online…

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05 Apr 2017
By Dan

Practical efficiency tips to transform your working day

Peter comes into the office a little sluggish because he didn’t sleep too well. Just before he starts planning his day, he goes through his emails to check if there’s anything new he needs to add to his list. This planning and chipping away at emails takes him through to 10:30 at which point he’s…

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27 Feb 2017
By Matt

Productivity Hack: Getting Your Reports To Write Themselves

No matter what type of business you’re in, it’s easy for report writing to take up a lot of your time. In this post, we’ll explore how you can save hours each month by getting your tools to write reports for you. As an online marketing agency, it’s crucial that we keep our clients up…

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