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07 Sep 2016
By Jamie

5 Pitfalls to Avoid when Importing Google Ads Campaigns into Bing Ads

We get it. Google Ads is where the PPC volume is at, so you spend your time crafting and perfecting your account, whilst your Bing Ads account doesn’t get the level of attention it quite deserves…Or maybe you haven’t even started a Bing Ads account. Yet, there are many reasons why running on Bing Ads…

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10 Jun 2016
By atom42

Common Excel Errors

Want to listen to my voice for 6 minutes? You’re in luck!   If you’d also like to learn about a handful of common excel errors you’ve truly lucked out!   At atom we rely on MS Excel to do analysis on the fly and to store large quantities of data. Whatever you’re up to,…

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30 Apr 2015
By Hannah Slapper

How to get what you want

They say that teamwork is dreamwork but, if we’re honest, the main thing that makes your 9-5 difficult is all the other people. As soon as you have to interact with someone, whether it’s a client, a colleague or a customer – you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of problematic disagreements. One of the…

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26 Mar 2015
By Andy

How to improve bad digital marketing results

Andy’s latest Figaro Digital talk focused on how you can turn bad times into good with your digital marketing. According to several witnesses, the speech was so good that he actually ‘won’ the conference. You can find the full video here or read the summary below! Unfortunately, people will always experience difficult results in the digital space. We’re…

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24 Oct 2014
By Corinne

What marketers say vs. what they mean

I know – we ARE marketers, so what right have I to use the word ‘they’ in the title? Well, at atom42, we work really hard to speak clearly and avoid bamboozling people with impenetrable marketing jargon. Here are some of the terms we come across daily (and, ok, may be guilty of using on…

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17 Oct 2014
By Zara

How economic theory changed how I think about reporting

Looking back on this year’s BrightonSEO conference, one talk stands out for me. This is because it’s affected how I think about a critical aspect of my job: reporting to our clients. ‘The Unobvious Effect Quantity of Reporting Can Have on Perceived Results’ was an inspiring talk given by Stephen Croome. Applying economic theory to…

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14 Aug 2014
By Corinne

How to embrace user reviews

User reviews have never been more visible or more powerful. All the evidence suggests there’s simply a huge psychological shift when people can see what other consumers have said about a business, compared to what a business might say about itself. Harnessing reviews for online marketing While many companies welcome the newfound prominence of reviews, some…

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15 Jul 2014
By Jamie

How I got an interview with Rand Fishkin

Outreach can be tough. If you don’t go about it the right way, you’ll end up sending out a barrage of emails, only to be met with a muted or negative response from every single person you’ve contacted. Using this scattergun approach, you might think: ‘if I email 100 people, I’m guaranteed that at least…

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08 Jul 2014
By Toby

Want to increase your conversion rate? Read our top 5 tips

We provide a number of online marketing services for our clients, including conversion rate optimisation (CRO). A team here at atom42 has been striving to increase landing page conversion rates by taking a scientific and granular approach. By setting up a number of different landing pages, analysing the results and then making bold changes, a…

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18 Jun 2014
By Corinne

Our secret weapon for online PR

The atom42 site has quite a few press links on its homepage. In fact, it’s starting to look a little cluttered. Well, there’s a secret to our online PR success, and that’s a certain media enquiry service that lets us know when there’s an opportunity to contribute our expertise to people who might find it…

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