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Birds Eye catch ‘foodstagramming’ trend

04 Jun 2014
By Iain

Last month, as part of a major push to make their foods more appealing to adults, Birdseye opened pop up restaurant in London to launch their new ‘Inspirations’ range. The catch? Instead of paying with cash, diners upload a photo of their meal to Instagram using hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations.

The pop-up’s launch secured serious news coverage, with the Instagram angle piquing the interests of tech sites including mashable and wired (though interestingly, Birds Eye’s Instagram feed still has a relatively small 327 followers).

The volume of interest in the pop-up is partly down to Birds Eye effectively tapping into a trend (and one that divides people), then using their own data to add a new layer of detail. The pop-up restaurant follows research by the company that shows 52% of people regularly take pictures of their meals and 9% are unable to go a day without ‘foodstagramming’.

This comes as several New York restaurants started banning diners from photographing their food, saying it was too distracting for other diners and even the chef.

Wherever you stand on foodstagramming, this is a nice example of a brand creating a fun, innovative piece of marketing around a pretty unglamorous product. Hats off Birds Eye.

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