How to determine your audience’s psychographic profile

29 Sep 2014
By Laura

This post is about a talk at this month’s BrightonSEO conference by Kirsty Hulse, called: ‘Earning Links Through Audience Segmentation’. The talk described how we can use audience segmentation to tailor content to specific types of users.

Who are your users?

As marketers, we want to learn everything we can about our audience. That way we can tailor our marketing to their needs. As a result, we often talk about our audience’s ‘demographic profile’.

As you probably know, a demographic profile covers factors such as age, gender, location and marital status. It’s all really useful stuff and helps us decide what kind of content we can create to engage with our users.

13 people, each of varying professions, standing.

However, there exists a secondary level of information about our audience, which arguably provides even more useful information for marketers, and that is the audience ‘psychographic’.

Alongside the demographic profile, the psychographic profile covers a different set of data about an audience, including their lifestyle, personality, values, opinions, and interests.

Getting hold of psychographic data

Whilst it may be easy to discover demographics of your audience, it’s notoriously difficult to determine psychographics without spending a fortune on tools such as comScore and data management platforms (DMPs), Right?

Wrong. This talk proved that you can determine your audiences’ interests and lifestyle choices without it being costly, with the best tool discussed (in my opinion) being Facebook Graph Search.

Although not officially available in the UK yet, you can access Facebook Graph Search simply by changing your Facebook language settings to US – amazing, right?

Once you have overcome this surprisingly small hurdle, you can generate extremely comprehensive data about your audience’s psychographics and then use this to create highly tailored content, increasing the likelihood of generating links.

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