Facebook: Like. Share. Comment… Reply?

02 Apr 2013
By Kate Parker

Facebook recently announced that they’re rolling out a new feature: ‘reply’.

Sitting alongside ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’, ‘reply’ aims to make it easier to navigate through conversation threads, and respond to the comment the user is addressing, directly beneath that comment:


The social giants will also be prioritising comments based on their engagement, so that the most popular ones will surface at the top of your posts – a helpful feature for those with many a fan or friend.

Who will this affect?

If your profile has over 10,000 fans, the ‘reply’ function will automatically be added, while with brand pages, you will have the option to ‘opt in’ until July 2013.

At the moment, this feature is only available on desktop, however, Facebook plan to introduce ‘reply’ on mobile in the near future.

Why we love it

As social media marketing managers, looking after a number of brand pages, ‘reply’ presents us at atom42 with a few potential benefits.

Firstly, with the opportunity for users to engage in more specific conversations, the ‘reply’ function could contribute to increasing the time spent on the page.

Secondly, the new function offers more ways to use a page, for instance, Q&A sessions or debates about different topics could significantly boost the number of ‘people talking about’ your content, and consequently boost engagement.

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