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Five Reasons to Create Content Beyond Your Business

01 Aug 2017
By Corinne

Content creation is part of every digitally-minded business strategy. It’s vital for your business to offer useful information about your specific products and services. But there are reasons for creating content that’s outside of your industry.

Here are five good reasons to create content beyond the scope of your business.

1. You’ll reach a bigger audience

If you want to grow your market, it’s important to always think about how you can diversify your audience. The key to creating content beyond your business is to think about topics on which you have some level of expertise, or where there’s a logical reason for your to do original research, but which might appeal to a wider audience.

2. You’ll generate opportunities for consumer interaction

If you’re appealing to a wider audience, your content will earn you more opportunities for interaction, for example on your social channels. Ultimately, it’ll help build your online presence in a way that highly niche content is less likely to do. For example, if you’re able to talk about building a business in 2017, this could connect you with a host of like-minded entrepreneurs, who could be great business contacts, too.

3. You’re more likely to get links

Content which has a wide appeal offers more chances to gain links from authoritative websites. For example, if you can provide data on a topic which is currently in the news, it might generate a link from the BBC. This is less likely if you stay strictly within your niche. The best kinds of data creation will have some kind of connection with your background and expertise, so people can understand why you’ve created it, but will appeal to a wide consumer audience.

4. You’ll create brand affinity

Providing content within your area of business will always be a good way to retain customers and build your relationship with them. But content designed for a wider audience can introduce people to your brand for the first time, generating brand affinity. This can potentially carry through to a point in the future when they realise they need your services, and that affinity might lead them to choose your company over competitors.

5. You’ll stay interested

Depending on the niche in which you operate, creating content solely about your industry can start to get a bit dry. Talking about other topics, for example your experiences as an entrepreneur, or how digital is affecting the wider business landscape you’re involved with, can make content creation more interesting for you. It can also help to make sure you keep an eye on the bigger picture.

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