12 May 2010
By Iain

Bing’s latest assault and the consequences for search marketing

I think it’s about time for a Bing update. It’s now a year since Microsoft’s ‘decision engine’ was launched, and the last few months have seen a huge marketing push. The chances are you’ve seen one of the TV ads, which focus on reducing the information overload users can experience at the hands of other…

07 Jan 2010
By atom42

5 Simple Ways to Streamline your Purchasing Process

One indisputable growth area over the last few, financially fraught, years has been online sales. Recent figures from Retail Decisions show a 21 per cent increase in online sales in 2009, with more than 33 million Brits buying online last year. While online is clearly the way to grow, competition is rife and etailers still…

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