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The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing – Timing & Email Marketing

30 May 2014
By atom42

So much time is spent A/B testing titles, content, and imagery for CRMs that often the actual timing of your CRM can be forgotten. Timing however is integral to interactions.

Data suggests that there are certain windows of time in which to send an email to achieve the highest open rates to maximise readership and interactions.

Kissmetrics have conducted a study on this with some really interesting take outs:

– Open and click rates are highest on average in the early morning and during the weekend

– Timing can however depend on industry, for example travel promotions are better sent between 5pm-7pm

– The highest un-subscription rate occurs among those who have been subscribed for less than 10 days

Below is a detailed breakdown of open rates according to time and industry to help you get the most from your email marketing campaigns. For more information, see the Kissmetrics infographic on Social Timing.

10pm to 6am – Unresponsive

Sending emails between 10pm – 6am is ineffective. People are who are trawling through emails when they wake up are often more likely to delete on mass, no matter what the industry.

6am – 10am – Optimum for consumer interaction

The beginning of the working day is the best time to hit consumers as they get distracted from their work by offers on clothes, restaurants, events, and consumer goods.

10am -12pm – Closed for business

Consumers at this time do not open emails as they tend to focus on work before they break for lunch.

12pm – 2pm – Give me the goss

The mistake that many marketers make is thinking that lunchtime is the perfect time to hit consumers. Consumers however are unlikely to open marketing emails at this time preferring instead to read news articles and magazines.

2pm – 3pm – Do not disturb

Consumers at this time are completely focused on work.

3pm – 5pm – Time for reflection

As the day goes on people start to think about their personal lives and respond to emails relating to property and finance more than any other type of promotion.

5pm – 7pm – Take me away

There is a significant rise in open rates for travel and holiday promotion emails during this period. Also, and perhaps counter-intuitively it is also when recipients are most likely to open B2B promotions.

7pm – 10pm – Last Orders

As consumers get off work and relax at home they are likely to open clothing offers and offers on sports and gym promotions.

Final tip:

If you’re targeting multiple time zones it is best to segment your list by the time zone to get the most out of your campaign.

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