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Romney on Facebook: what we’ve learned

20 Nov 2012
By Parker

So, Mr Romney didn’t win the US presidential election this year, but at least he had a good group of friends to help him get over his very public defeat…or perhaps not.

As it so happens, in the three days following Romney’s defeat to Barack Obama, a whopping 50,000+ Facebook “friends” went on to “unlike” his Facebook page. Ouch!

How did Romney get so many Facebook fans in the first place?

A question many of us would like to know the answer to. But, political opinions aside, there were many contributing factors to Romney’s impressive levels of engagement in the lead up the presidential election, for example:

•    His content provoked debate (which generated comments and likes)
•    He posted text images with thought-provoking quotes (generating shares and likes)
•    His timeline photo was eye-catching, familiar and addressed the entire country
•    His posts adhered to what his voters wanted to hear – his policies and promises

So, why did Mitt’s Facebook fans leave him?

Soon after Romney conceded the election, his so-called “Facebook fans” fled the Romney page at a seemingly unstoppable rate of 847 per hour. Why? Because he was no longer relevant.

Since the election results were revealed on  November 10th, Romney’s social team have posted precisely twice. Once with a photo of him thanking his adoring fans, the second time a mere photo…yet again, of himself. Evidently not what the people wanted to see.

Mr Obama, on the contrary, has increased his fan numbers significantly.

Four things we’ve learned here…

1.    Fans may “like” you for the wrong reason

They may join you for the wrong reason – to be a part of the action or to win a competition. It’s important to make sure your Facebook fans “like” you for the right reasons.

2.    Fans need to be entertained with compelling content

A trick of the social media trade is to keep your fans entertained with compelling content. Ask them questions, show you’re listening, and be a source of information – that way, they’re more likely to stick around.

3.    Fans need to be able to relate to your content

When Romney was posting photos such as text images with profound quotes or pictures of jubilant flag wavers, his fans could relate to his content.

The second he posted not one, but two photos of himself, consecutively, his fans lost interest.

4.    Fans need attention

Romney seemingly abandoned the social media scene shortly after his loss to Obama, and there was no fresh news or content to share. So, his fans left him, and understandably so.

Sometimes your follower numbers will dip, which is why it’s so important to nurture the ones you have under your wing.

Look after the ones you have and they will spread the word of your fabulous Facebook page for you – so you can sit back and watch your levels of engagement and fan numbers grow.

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