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18 Sep 2012
By Matt

Will “Bing It On” lead people to rethink their choice of search engine?

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, recently came up with a way that people could blind test Bing v Google (It’s since been taken down). Through Bing it on, you could enter a search term, and it would show you a Google and a Bing results page side by side, only without any site templates, advertising or…

12 May 2010
By Iain

Bing’s latest assault and the consequences for search marketing

I think it’s about time for a Bing update. It’s now a year since Microsoft’s ‘decision engine’ was launched, and the last few months have seen a huge marketing push. The chances are you’ve seen one of the TV ads, which focus on reducing the information overload users can experience at the hands of other…

atom tips
19 Jun 2009
By Andy

Bing (dot com) it on – Microsoft Search Summit

So, here I am preparing for my first (semi) live blog, of the Microsoft Search Summit. Hot on the heels of the Google “Marketing” summit earlier this week – MSN had better be offering everyone a brand spanking new Bing pen and pad, otherwise people will be forced to use their Google pads, but hopefully…

atom42 Digital Marketing Blog
05 Jun 2009
By atom42

Bada Bing!

As you may have noticed, ‘Bing’ has now gone live in the UK for all your search needs. Microsoft has a lot riding on this new search engine, having abandoned its previous effort, Live Search, itself a rebranding of MSN Search. Maybe this confusion has contributed to why Microsoft has always been far behind Google…

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