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04 May 2020
By Dominika

Starting a new job during a global pandemic

How would you describe your first day at work? A bit stressful? Exciting? Or maybe a lot to take in? I think the best way to describe mine would be to say; just in time to pick up my work laptop before the entire country went to quarantine. I’m not going to lie, it was…

17 Apr 2020
By Dominika

10 industries that have seen growth during Covid-19 crisis

The world as we know it has dramatically changed over the past few weeks. The way we function on a day-to-day basis has significantly transformed and the impact is also obvious in the way we consume products and services. In this post we highlight some of the industries and products that have seen growth in…

08 Apr 2020
By Ben Miller

Social media platforms respond to Coronavirus

It’s fair to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has shaken up social media this year, causing a huge shift in the types of content people post and engage with. At a time when we’re all forced to stay apart, we’ve seen a real movement towards users and brands using social as a means of support…

03 Apr 2020
By Marcus

How the UK is searching online for Coronavirus

Coronavirus is impacting us all; and with this, user behaviour changes as everyone is desperately searching for answers and information online during a very uncertain time. We had a look at search data to see how much information people in the UK want to know and what questions they are asking… Comparing searches for historical…

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