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07 May 2021
By Rich Clifford

Step Away From The Cookie(jar)

Cookies are on their way out but it’s not always obvious how this will affect users or marketers. There are plenty of solutions and alternatives being developed but to understand these it’s worth taking a quick step back to understand the basics. What are cookies? A cookie is a small piece of code that’s downloaded…

atom tips
23 Jan 2020
By Alwin

How to optimise Google Local Campaigns for your business

Google released Local Campaigns in the middle of 2019. While its capabilities for brick-and-mortar locations are exciting, some marketers are hesitant to run this type of campaign because of the lack of control. There are no bid adjustments, no placement, demographic, or device targeting, and even ad scheduling is nowhere to be found. In today’s…

atom42 Digital Marketing Blog
06 Sep 2019
By atom42

Google Ranking Factors 2019: SEOs have their say

When it comes to SEO, there are thousands of search experts the world over accustomed to sticking their finger in the air to see which way the Google algorithm wind will blow that week. With continual updates and some pretty monumental changes over the course of 2019, accumulating those thoughts to figure out exactly what…

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14 Sep 2018
By Jamie

PPC Automation Series: Part 1 – Bidding

Levels of automation in paid search are rising fast, and we believe this is a change to be embraced. Automation – when done well – allows for more efficient management and optimisation of paid activity, ultimately freeing up time to focus on more strategic thought and action. In this series, we’re going to look at…

25 Sep 2014
By Jonny

The Future of Google

On a sunny, mid-September day in 2014, four atoms descended on Brighton for the annual BrightonSEO conference. Leaving the conference’s exhibitor stands depleted of t-shirts, pens and mugs wasn’t our only success that day; we learned new things, too! Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll share our top highlights from BrightonSEO 2014. Left to…

14 Aug 2013
By Corinne

Google recommends nofollowing links on press releases, widgets and infographics

Things are changing in the world of content marketing. In a recent Hangout with Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz, Google’s John Mueller told webmasters to steer clear of ‘followed’ links on press releases, after a change in Google’s guidelines. Soon afterwards, press release distribution service PRWeb announced they had added the nofollow tag to all…

atom42 Digital Marketing Blog
30 May 2013
By Matt

Why you should be more inventive with PPC ad text

This post describes an interesting PPC ad testing idea. But don’t worry, it probably won’t work for you. Even when you work for a PPC marketing agency, often easy to get stuck in the mindset of “best practice” when writing PPC ads. You insert your keywords, craft a killer call to action, spend your character…

23 May 2013
By Corinne

Penguin 2.0: what does it mean for webmasters?

Have you checked your rankings recently? If not, you may have a pleasant surprise (or a nasty shock) coming your way, following the deployment of ‘Penguin 2.0’, Penguin’s smarter, more agile younger brother. As announced by Search Engine Watch, and Matt Cutts himself, the new generation of Penguin was rolled out on Wednesday. But the…

atom thought
10 Apr 2013
By Corinne

The Evolution of Enhanced Campaigns

In February, Google launched Enhanced Campaigns, a major change to the way pay per click marketing is managed. The change, as we pointed out back in February, infuriated diligent advertisers like us, who were quick to point out that Enhanced Campaigns would not offer the crucial ability to make mobile bid adjustments at ad group level….

atom42 Digital Marketing Blog
18 Sep 2012
By Matt

Will “Bing It On” lead people to rethink their choice of search engine?

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, recently came up with a way that people could blind test Bing v Google (It’s since been taken down). Through Bing it on, you could enter a search term, and it would show you a Google and a Bing results page side by side, only without any site templates, advertising or…

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