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03 Apr 2020
By Marcus

How the UK is searching online for Coronavirus

Coronavirus is impacting us all; and with this, user behaviour changes as everyone is desperately searching for answers and information online during a very uncertain time. We had a look at search data to see how much information people in the UK want to know and what questions they are asking… Comparing searches for historical…

atom thought
27 Feb 2020
By Alwin

What you should know about Google Discovery ads

Here, we explore Google Discovery ads, and how it has been performing for us and our clients. We also suggest what you should look out for if you’re considering using a Discovery campaign, including how to prevent automatic expansion. What are Google discovery ads? Google discovery ads were launched by Google in beta at the…

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01 Feb 2019
By atom42

PPC automation series: part 3 – Reporting and analysing your automated campaigns

Now onto the third and final part  of our PPC automation series; reporting and analysing (if you missed parts one and two, you can find them here and here). This is an important step that requires some planning and consideration ahead of your transition in to automated bidding strategies.  Due to automation being a relatively…

atom42 Digital Marketing Blog
19 Nov 2018
By atom42

PPC automation series: part 2 – Ad writing & testing

In part 1 of our PPC automation series, we talked about bidding. Here, in part 2, we’re going to cover the different ways in which you can automate the ad creation process (or at least partially) – once more with the goal of giving you more time to focus on work that really matters. Without…

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14 Sep 2018
By Jamie

PPC Automation Series: Part 1 – Bidding

Levels of automation in paid search are rising fast, and we believe this is a change to be embraced. Automation – when done well – allows for more efficient management and optimisation of paid activity, ultimately freeing up time to focus on more strategic thought and action. In this series, we’re going to look at…

atom42 Digital Marketing Blog
29 Dec 2016
By atom42

What changed in PPC in 2016?

2016, eh? What a year. In the wider world, not such a great year. Let’s definitely look ahead to 2017 there. Looking back at 2016 from the perspective of PPC however, and there were a lot of big, exciting changes. Here we’re looking back on three changes in the space which we thought were particularly…

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07 Sep 2016
By Jamie

5 Pitfalls to Avoid when Importing Google Ads Campaigns into Bing Ads

We get it. Google Ads is where the PPC volume is at, so you spend your time crafting and perfecting your account, whilst your Bing Ads account doesn’t get the level of attention it quite deserves…Or maybe you haven’t even started a Bing Ads account. Yet, there are many reasons why running on Bing Ads…

atom42 Digital Marketing Blog
26 May 2016
By Stacy

Breaking the rules of ad writing

OK, so before I start, let me just caveat a few things. I was brought up by an army dad and He. Loved. Rules. In all honestly, I love rules, too. However, in the crowded world of Search, sometimes blindly following the rules can lead to a lack of creativity and stand-out, and can ultimately…

atom tips
14 Mar 2014
By Ankur

The Google Ads Quality Score Script – Your Time Saving Guide

‘Big Data’ has been one of the buzzwords of 2014 so far. According to the researchers at St Andrews University, it’s the “storage and analysis of large and complex sets of data using a series of techniques including but not limited to machine learning”. Google has been one of the early adopters and now provides…

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12 Mar 2014
By Iain

PPC ads: when following best practice isn’t best practice

“Include your primary keywords in your headline and ad text”. Google’s guide on improving ad quality reminds us to include keywords in the ad texts (especially in the ad’s headline) to “show people that the ad is directly relevant to their search”. Similarly, number 1 in Bing’s 10 Tips for Writing Successful PPC Ads is…

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