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18 Jun 2014
By Corinne

Our secret weapon for online PR

The atom42 site has quite a few press links on its homepage. In fact, it’s starting to look a little cluttered. Well, there’s a secret to our online PR success, and that’s a certain media enquiry service that lets us know when there’s an opportunity to contribute our expertise to people who might find it…

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27 Aug 2013
By Corinne

Google +1s influence rankings & other SEO myths

As Google’s search algorithm becomes more and more sophisticated, pressure is mounting on SEOs to figure out what exactly will make their clients’ websites rank today. Should we be concentrating on links, reviews, mentions, social indicators, content or something else? While there are plenty of interesting studies going on in this space, it’s easy for…

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04 Jun 2013
By Corinne

Top four tips on blog writing for traffic & engagement

If you’ve just started blog writing and you’re looking to gain traffic and engagement, these tried and tested tips will put you strides ahead of your competition. 1. Lists and tips (and lists of tips) are always popular I’ve often wondered if the trend for lists would die out. It’s been so successful with bloggers…

23 May 2013
By Corinne

Penguin 2.0: what does it mean for webmasters?

Have you checked your rankings recently? If not, you may have a pleasant surprise (or a nasty shock) coming your way, following the deployment of ‘Penguin 2.0’, Penguin’s smarter, more agile younger brother. As announced by Search Engine Watch, and Matt Cutts himself, the new generation of Penguin was rolled out on Wednesday. But the…

atom thought
13 Nov 2012
By Ankur

PPC vs. SEO – the battle rages on

This post looks at two different changes brought in by Google, and asks the question: does Google put the needs of the PPC community above those of SEOs (search engine optimisation professionals)? Google 1 – SEO – 0 In October 2011, Google stopped sharing data with publishers which showed how people searched for and found…

09 Oct 2012
By Corinne

BrightonSEO: Top 5 tips from the Brighton SEO conference

Some of the atoms were lucky enough to attend the recent search marketing conference, BrightonSEO. Here are our top 5 tips from the event: 1. ADD IMPACT Too much time is spent on communication and persuasion in advertising, and not enough time is spent on creating impact. We see around 1,000 ads every day and…

18 Sep 2012
By Matt

Will “Bing It On” lead people to rethink their choice of search engine?

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, recently came up with a way that people could blind test Bing v Google (It’s since been taken down). Through Bing it on, you could enter a search term, and it would show you a Google and a Bing results page side by side, only without any site templates, advertising or…

atom thought
17 Aug 2012
By Eleanor

Google Panda: this is no time for a quick exit

There hasn’t been a quick fix for those whose sites have been pandalised by Google. The days of pandering to old world link-building exercises are over, and new approaches are moving in to take their place. Some exciting SEO marketing strategies are beginning to emerge and helping webmasters to get a pandle (ok, enough now)…

atom thought
17 May 2012
By Iain

Negative SEO

Negative SEO. Not a new concept, but one that‘s raised its ugly head again recently. This is partly down to Google’s Penguin update reminding lazy SEOs of the fact that pointing dodgy links at a site can severely impede its ability to rank. So what counts as negative SEO? SEOMoz’s ever-helpful Rand Fishkin responded to…

atom thought
19 Apr 2012
By Ankur

New World Linking: Building New Generation Relationships Online

With SEOs everywhere staring wide-eyed like someone just snatched their favourite teddy away from under their noses, there’s no doubt that Google’s radical changes to how they view and value links have been a massive wake-up call to the industry. You can kind of get an idea about the thinking behind some of these changes,…

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