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02 Oct 2019
By atom42

Social media updates – what happened in September 2019?

Each month, atom42’s resident Social Media Specialist, Nick Munday, will be rounding up the most noteworthy and interesting changes from the world of social media, and providing some food for thought with suggested reading. Facebook updates September 2019 Facebook publish guide to ‘Build a Strong Brand’ This looks at key branding elements and modern data-gathering…

atom thought
25 Jun 2014
By Jyoti

Brands that are sweating out content during the World Cup

Think competitive rivalry during the World Cup is confined to the pitch? Think again. With the World Cup being one of the most reported events in the media and a global platform for fans, it’s no surprise that each year, brands pull out all the stops to leverage the event and connect with existing and…

atom thought
04 Jun 2014
By Iain

Birds Eye catch ‘foodstagramming’ trend

Last month, as part of a major push to make their foods more appealing to adults, Birdseye opened pop up restaurant in London to launch their new ‘Inspirations’ range. The catch? Instead of paying with cash, diners upload a photo of their meal to Instagram using hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations. The pop-up’s launch secured serious news coverage,…

atom thought
06 Feb 2014
By Iain

Twitter still several plays ahead when it comes to real-time

If last year’s introduction of hashtags and the more recent addition of its ‘Trending’ feature are anything to go by, Facebook is determined to convince users and advertisers that it’s a credible alternative to Twitter for real-time conversations. Last Sunday’s Super Bowl was seen by many commentators as an important battleground in the ongoing fight…

atom thought
18 Jun 2013
By K Parker

How brands can use Facebook hashtags

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, and whoever “they” are, they could be right! For the second time in the past month, Facebook have followed in the footsteps of their arch enemies in the social space (Twitter) and introduced hashtags (#) to help users find conversations and stories. One of my…

atom tips
10 Jun 2013
By Kate Parker

How will Facebook Verified affect your brand?

Facebook recently announced the launch of Verified Pages and Profiles. Following in the steps of Twitter & Google+, verified accounts are now denoted by a little blue tick icon on the page and in Facebook’s search results. What’s good about this? If you come home to find a friend request from Justin Beiber, you’ll know…

atom tips
08 May 2013
By Matt

Measuring Twitter sentiment the smart way

In the last year, Twitter has become the go to place for information about your consumers and potential consumers. But as a heaving hotchpotch of meaningless hashtags, cat memes and employees-gone-rogue commandeering their brand’s feed, it’s easy to dismiss Twitter at first glance and conclude you can make more meaningful assessments elsewhere. That’s where tools…

01 May 2013
By Corinne

Instagram Act: Will your photos be free for the taking?

The ‘Instagram Act’ could see private photos from sites like Instagram being taken and used for commercial purposes. Following the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act receiving Royal Assent to become a law last week, UK photography rights have become the focus of worldwide attention. The change to the law means that ‘orphan works’, or photos…

02 Apr 2013
By Kate Parker

Facebook: Like. Share. Comment… Reply?

Facebook recently announced that they’re rolling out a new feature: ‘reply’. Sitting alongside ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’, ‘reply’ aims to make it easier to navigate through conversation threads, and respond to the comment the user is addressing, directly beneath that comment: The social giants will also be prioritising comments based on their engagement, so that…

atom tips
25 Mar 2013
By Matt C

Facebook Pages Manager: user overview

Facebook recently launched their Pages Manager App on Android (having done so on iOS in May last year). That’s great news for me – a laggard for only having an Android – and enables me to have almost complete control over brand Facebook pages from the palm of my hand. Why we like it It’s a…

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