The perks of being an atom

12 Apr 2016
By atom42

At atom we want to work with real people. Real people have passions and interests beyond SEO and PPC which make them fun to be around. We enjoy working hard each day to make our clients happy but, let’s face it, we need to spend time working on our own happiness too. Happy people also tend to work harder, work more creatively and stay with the business longer.

For the last 5 years atom42 has offered employees the “Gift of Learning” as part of an annual bonus. This means we’re each given a voucher to spend on any type of personal development we feel excited about.

Here’s what the atoms chose to spend their vouchers on last year…

pie chart of voucher usages

What does this really mean? Sure, Ben is now an expert cycle mechanic, Elena can scale walls and Matt has learnt how to get a concussion (from Boxing!) but are we happier?

ben fixing a bike

elena mountain climbing

white collar boxing london picture

Pedro – Executive – 9 months

“There are lots of reasons why you could enjoy working at atom42, but for me the most important one is the fact that I’m surrounded genuinely good people. They are not only incredible professionals, from whom you can learn a lot from, but they really care about my development and happiness inside the office. This is priceless!”

Ps: ping pong at lunch is also great.

Rich – Specialist – 2 years

“Working in a positive environment where everyone wants to learn and grow is one of the best things about coming to work every day. Everyone at atom42 is super friendly and I’m proud to call them my friends as well as my colleagues. To top it off, we work with loads of fantastic clients from a wide variety of industries.”

Lucy – Specialist – 2 years

“It’s amazing to work in a place where you can have a chat and a cup of tea with anyone of any role and still feel totally relaxed. Although they are definitely a great bunch to work with, they are even better to hang out with, play flip cup with and even live with (living with them is optional)”

Dan – Manager – 4 years

“I enjoy coming to work because I’m surrounded by smart people who work as hard as they play. To be quite honest, it makes a big difference actually taking my lunch break and stepping away from work for an hour. Whether it’s heading to Camden Lock to try new food or walking the dog in Regents Park it’s important to relax and have a laugh with the people I work with.”

We all enjoy working in a relaxed office but that doesn’t mean we don’t progress fast. On average, our pay goes up by 14% each year even while we maintain the level of work life balance discussed above.

If you’ve been thinking “this sounds like my cup of tea” then your timing couldn’t be better.

We’re recruiting right now to meet the growing needs of our clients. Join in!

atom42 team group photo

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