Case Study
Case Study

OCL Vision

Dr Allon Barson from OCL Vision

increase in organic traffic

When 3 of the top ophthalmologists in the UK join forces to create one world-class clinic, we were tasked with creating a standout website and supporting the clinic to drive leads.

We are operating in an extremely competitive space against some very renowned and established clinics – building a website that would work seamlessly with the marketing strategy was key and ensuring we stay one step ahead of competitors was critical to success.

01 | Understanding the customer
OCL Vision old websites

Understanding the customer

Laser eye surgery is a big and sometimes scary decision for users. We needed to understand the worries and key decision-making factors. We did this by conducting both secret shopping – visiting the clinic for an appointment and chatting to both patients and staff.

02 | Planning the migration
OCL Vision strategy and site structure

Planning the migration

With three consultants already having established websites, we needed a meticulous migration strategy to retainer rankings from all three sites.

03 | A best-in-class design
OCL Vision new website on desktop and mobile

A best-in-class design

We designed a modern and visually classy and attractive site that was significantly better than competing brands. With prices being on the higher end, we created a premium look and feel to attract wealthier customer.

04 | Smooth launch
Mac monitor displaying website analytics

Smooth launch

The launch was well planned and went smoothly. Despite the complexity merging three sites onto one domain posed and new brand launch, we still saw an 82% increase in organic traffic to the site compared to the older sites.

05 | Driving leads
OCL website heatmap and A/B testing showcase

Driving leads

We use PPC to capture quality leads with campaigns targeting people either searching for procedures in OCL’s clinic locations. Our unique adverts and landing pages are tailored to each procedure and optimised for conversions through heatmapping and session recording tools, and A/B tested.

Our lead-driving SEO work also focuses on building awareness in the competitive market. We conducted careful and detailed keyword research and reviewed the existing content from the three surgeons’ previous websites to form a content optimisation strategy to improve our rankings for core, competitive terms.

As a result we saw an 141% increase in organic conversions and 152% increase in PPC conversions YoY.

06 | Keeping up with competition
PPC advert created by atom42 for our client, OCL Vision

Keeping up with competition

It isn’t easy being a new company in the highly competitive eye surgery industry as there are a variety of established brands offering cheaper prices. To stay ahead of competition we put a lot of work into positioning OCL as a challenger company, offering a higher price point justified by their excellent results, world-wide known surgeons and use of the latest available technology.  We’ve created engaging content and PPC landing pages highlighting OCL’s unique selling points, and finance options. 

To build up the website’s authority and improve the backlink profile we use link-building campaigns and PR tactics to improve our organic visibility and close the gap between OCL and competitors. 

Atom42 Says

Assisting such an innovative and passionate startup with their launch strategy has been an incredibly exciting and fulfilling project. We aimed to create a best-in-class site compared to competitors who are more well established and so far we have had great success

atom42's web team lead, Sian Jones.
- Sian Jones
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