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Case Study

Samsung Retail Partners

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A high percentage of Samsung’s sales come through retailer partners such as Currys, John Lewis and Carphone Warehouse, so being able to support and influence these retailers with a solid performance marketing strategy is crucial.

Every partner is different, with varying website functions, search features, layouts and content. In order to create the best experience for Samsung customers, we needed to engage better with these partners to create a clear, informative shopping experience for Samsung customers.

01 | Understanding consumer behaviour
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Understanding consumer behaviour

How do you improve the user experience across all your retail partners selling high-end televisions? With so many partner websites over which we had little control, providing recommendations for improvements was challenging. As a first step, we needed to understand the user. We did unmoderated usability tests with 30 different candidates to understand their research behaviours. It helped us understand exactly how users make their purchasing decisions – from what they type into Google, to what content was most convincing for them. From these insights, we were able to provide a list of enhancements for all partner retailers to implement on their sites. The insights were well received and we have since done the same exercise for a number of different home appliances departments. This project helped us convince previously resistant retailers to make improvements to their brand and product pages.

02 | Merchandising auditing and retailer guides
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Merchandising auditing and retailer guides

We needed to identify which retailers needed the most improvement and speed up retailer optimisation. To do this, we worked with Samsung to create a set of merchandising standards and created a scorecard approach to auditing these standards. This allows Samsung to see at a glance which retailers have the most/least issues, which issues are most critical in terms of impact on results, and how difficult issues are to resolve.

03 | Performance Marketing Playbook to guide marketing investment for retailers
Showcase of atom42s Performance Marketing playbook developed for Retailers who sell Samsung products.

Performance Marketing Playbook to guide marketing investment for retailers

Samsung invest in marketing activity with many retailer partners, but when this money is spent in performance marketing there’s an issue – competing for the same space in Search, Affiliates and Social drives CPAs up, but doesn’t lead to incremental sales. We helped create the Performance Marketing Playbook to holistically advise how Samsung should invest with channel partners to ensure their investments drive incremental sales and maximise ROI. We also created guidance, resources and assets for priority retailers to implement directly onto their sites to improve the conversion rate and customer experience of brand and product pages. This has included carousel imagery and order guidance, SEO optimised titles and meta descriptions, PPC ad copy and keyword lists, and brand page designs, assets and content to name a few.

04 | Strategy for optimising retailer brand pages
Samsung case study product pages

Strategy for optimising retailer brand pages

Retailers charge a great deal for ‘brand pages’ on their sites, but these often go unloved, become outdated and don’t form a natural part of the consumer journey. We helped provide a strategic approach to when these pages should be used in the journey, what content they should contain, and how their performance should be measured.

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