App & Widget Development

To drive engagement, you need to innovate

Your customers are bombarded with ads every day. Instead of shouting at your customers to ‘Buy Now’, give them something useful and interesting to keep them engaged. Quizzes, tools, games and apps are a great way to do this.

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Make your website an interactive experience

The number of users experiencing the web via mobile devices is constantly growing. Because of this, many clients are looking to further their reach by creating dedicated apps for mobile devices.

Are you looking to increase user engagement on your website and provide your users with useful tools? We can help grow your business by creating tools and widgets such as calculators, quizzes and even games.

App & Widget Development
Website brainstorming session with atom42 team member
Industry leading calculator

We created a market leading compensation calculator to show users their potential claim value.

Skincare routine builder

We created a tool for Nivea to help educate users on their skincare routines.

Received a link from GQ

Our ‘When will I break my phone’ calculator was a great PR tool that got a valuable link from GQ.


We use the most modern frameworks for the best performance



Probably the most popular and desirable front end frameworks and allows us to create highly interactive and speedy applications.



Another very popular framework we use for step by step conversion optimised funnels for online signups or purchases.



A powerful PHP framework that allows us to create API integrations that automates data capture on our tools and apps by integrating with a number of systems.

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