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We don’t get bogged down in technical complexity and instead aim to solve problems for your business and customers and develop innovative solutions that get you results.

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Your website is more than just a shop window

A high-performing website is the bread and butter of any successful business. The internet has evolved significantly since the early days, and simply having an online presence is no longer enough.

Today, your website has to be well-designed, finely-tuned and developed to the highest standards. The architecture, design, and development all have to be expertly-crafted to create a smooth, engaging experience, which turns visitors into customers. Your site structure needs to work with your SEO and marketing strategy to ensure good rankings and strong conversion rate and with the dominant use of mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly site is critical.

atom42’s team of developers┬ácan help you achieve these goals.

Web Development
Search Awards 2015 trophy
Increase in conversion rate

Full redesign and build of an outdated website by using insights from secret shopping helped us drastically improve SEO and conversions.

Increase in enquiries

Fully revamped user flow and integration with legacy course management system based off of real student feedback massively improved performance.

increase in cash conversions

Redesign and restructure of the site and navigation based off of user testing insights helped us significantly improve donations.


We develop solutions to solve your business challenges and engage your customers



A flexible CMS allows for swift content updates, SEO optimisation and landing page testing without the time and cost of a developer every time.


API integration

Automate your business workflow by integrating your critical software with your site. Connect CRM systems, stock management & fulfilment, PMS and accounting.


React and Vue

Two fo the most powerful modern front end frameworks on our arsenal to build powerful interactive user experiences and innovative tools and widgets.



We have experience setting up and maintaining hosting of every scale, from AWS, WordPress dedicated hosts to basic servers, we will design a solution suitable for your needs.


Version Control

All our work is managed via version control to allow for tracking of all changes and efficient collaboration of our developers.


Agile Maintenance

We have a structured approach to optimisation with monthly planning sessions, weekly calls and a kanban board to prioritise and track progress. You are always in control.

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