Migration Support

Launching a new website?

Designing or developing a new version of your website is exciting, but can also be a disaster without a good migration plan.

Too many times we’ve seen brand managers come to us distraught after a poorly planned website migration. Without the proper technical measures put in place, you can end up with lost rankings, broken links and, even worse, SEO penalties. Don’t let this happen to you!

Our technical experts are adept at guiding development agencies and teams through migrations from a unique SEO perspective. If you’re planning a new website, get in touch with us as soon as possible, as we can help out with SEO structural planning and URL changes, and also advise on information architectures.

Migration Support
Atom42 team members in am meeting
5 rounds of migration support

After working with Drinkaware for over a decade, we were on hand with each new site migration

Improved rankings after launch of new site

Our detailed and meticulous migration plan meant that with the launch of the new website we quickly had ranking improvements.

Recovered & improved lost rankings

Bounty asked us to repair a poor migration. We regained their previous rankings and more within four months

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