Website Technical Audit

Keeping your site technically sound

Know your minified javascript from your HTTP status codes? Never fear – we do, and we can keep your technical SEO in tip top shape.

Don't let technical SEO issues hold you back

Technical SEO is the foundation upon which all other work is built. It’s about making a website fast, error-free, and easily crawlable by search engines. Whatever else is good about it, a website that is not technically sound will have problems ranking well for quality keywords.

Fixing technical errors on a website clears the way for the more strategic parts of SEO – like digital PR and content – to have a much bigger positive impact. Fixing errors can be easy, but spotting the error can be difficult.

Website Technical Audit
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Robots TXT Advice

Advice and analysis to overcome difficulties around crawlability in the US

Full tech audit

Quarterly analyses to ensure the site is technically sound and running at optimum speed

Domain audit

Analysing subdomain and main domain and putting together solutions for efficient crawlability


We use a wide variety of tools to ensure we cover all bases when running a technical audit


Screaming frog

The starting point for most technical audits, this website crawler gives us a list of all of a website’s discoverable URLs, along with lots of other valuable information such as status codes, onpage elements and image file sizes.



Another website crawler, this platform provides us with reports highlighting potential technical issues, such as duplicate content, long page titles and non-HTTPS links.


Google search console

An invaluable webmaster tool, Search Console’s coverage report warns us of any website indexing errors.  The report also allows us to check which pages Google has and hasn’t indexed, and the reasons why.


Google PageSpeed insights

Another tool that Google have helpfully created – this one gives us an indication of how quickly your website loads, based on a score out of 100 for mobile and desktop. It also suggests “opportunities” that can be implemented to help improve your site speed.



A simple yet effective tool, allowing us to verify a URL’s status code(s), including what redirects are in place (if any).


Google site search

This isn’t a “tool” as such, but it still forms an integral part of any technical audit. Googling “site:” followed by your website’s URL gives us an insight into how many URLs Google has indexed for your website. It can also help us to unearth any URLs which shouldn’t be indexable.

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