Analytics Deep Dive

Plan your new site for success

Don’t rush into a new website build until you have a solid understanding of how your users navigate, what needs to be improved and what your plan of action is. Our audits will ensure you have a new site structure that is geared to convert.

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Know your website's strengths and weaknesses

Having a thorough understanding of your website performance will help you target key areas for optimisation – whether you are building a new website or optimising an existing one. We will be able to tell you what content has the highest number of entrances, dropoffs and page views so that you can make informed decisions around your onsite user journey that will impact your website conversion rate and overall engagement metrics.

It will also ensure we don’t make foolish mistakes during a website migration – such as removing pages that are critical to your website traffic which results in a loss of rankings. Instead, we can help guide you through a successful migration that is informed by data, making sure you retain important traffic, target new traffic opportunities and improve your onsite user journey.

Analytics Deep Dive
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Well planned site migration

With a huge amount of content needing migration and success riding on SEO, our analytics audit helped us plan a super successful migration with instant improvements to rankings.

Site architecture enhancements

We drastically improved the site architecture of an outdated site with more than 2000 pages and retained all rankings post launch.

Detailed content audit

With critical keywords like ‘no win no fee’ costing £100 per click, we needed a solid migration plan improve site performance. Understanding user behaviour helped us launch with an improved conversion rate.


Don't risk your rankings or site performance. Audit your site before any web build.



Analytics provides us with engagement metrics for every page on your site as well as quantitative user data, so we can complete a full content audit and information architecture.



Qualitative information on heatmaps and session recording is critical to understanding user behaviour and insights are combined with analytics data to paint a clear picture of site usability.


Screaming Frog

Want to know all your website’s weaknesses and technical issues? We use Screaming Frog to crawl and return information about every single URL on your site.

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