Funnel Optimisation

Optimise your checkout for sales

Your checkout funnel could be losing you more revenue than you think! Make the most of your website traffic by ensuring your users are able to purchase your product or service hassle-free.

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A great website needs a clear path to conversion

All too often we come across clients who have a perfectly good website but abysmal checkout or signup process. It doesn’t matter how good your site is or how powerful your marketing strategy is if you are losing users on the final and most important step.

We can help you design a smooth conversion funnel that is intuitive, informative and builds trust to help you drive more customers.

Funnel Optimisation
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conversion rate improvement YoY

We rebuilt 1Life’s old and clunky membership signup funnel to make it mobile friendly and easy to use.

increase in conversion rate

iSmash’s ecommerce funnel required decisions on a number of variations and options. We optimised each step to improve the conversion rate.

increase in enquiries

We simplified the journey students took to select and purchase a course and removed more than 5 unnecessary steps.


Get as many customers through your checkout as possible



With analytics, we can monitor your funnel performance and see exactly what steps users are dropping out on – so we know exactly what needs to be improved.



By setting up advanced event tracking, we can get insight into exactly what your users are doing on your funnel, what they are selecting and where they are leaving.


A/B testing

Testing iterative improvements to the funnel we can make regular conversion rate improvements and learn exactly what is effective for your audience.

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