Website Tracking

Understand your site performance in detail

Advanced tracking gives you incredible insight into user behaviour and site performance, so you know exactly what is working, what isn’t and why and create detailed reports.

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Track and optimise your performance

We’re a big fan of tracking because it allows us to get under the hood of what works and what doesn’t for your customers. This allows us to make informed decisions about any design and content changes needed both for a new website build or optimising an existing site.

We know that your website is a big investment, and as your online shop window, it is critical to your business performance, which is why it is so important to understand what kind of return your investment is getting you and how you can improve it. Well-considered event tracking can help you do exactly that.

Website Tracking
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Tracking a drinking calculator

We set up advanced tracking on every form field on the drinking calculator to understand user selections so we could understand usage and engagement.

Understanding economy needs

By creating custom event tracking on the Circle Economy tool, we provided relevant data on economic needs of users and common client challenges.

Analysing the funnel

Event tracking on iSmash’s funnel allowed us to see exactly which steps were problematic so we could make improvements


Gather incredible insight on user behaviour for advanced reporting


Tag manager

Using tag manager, we can track just about any element on your site, from button clicks to form field inputs, so we can learn incredible detail on user behaviour.



We can create powerful custom dashboards and reports from the tracking set up in tag manager so you can see exactly how every detail on your site performs.


Data studio

Visualise all data in a custom-built reporting dashboard where all your performance results are visible in real-time.

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