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Online marketing agency in London


Hello there! We're atom42, an online marketing agency based in Camden. We help our clients increase the business they get through their websites.

Our team of thirty online marketing specialists ensure our clients get as much visibility as possible, through PPC marketing, SEO, mobile & social media. We also make sure that the traffic they get converts into business.


If you'd like to learn more about how we could help grow your business online, contact us below for a free quote or online audit.


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At atom42, we work really hard to speak clearly and avoid bamboozling people with impenetrable marketing jargon. Here are some of the terms we come across daily (and, ok, may be guilty of using on occasion) that probably leave non-marketers scratching their heads in bafflement...

Timescales can affect the trends you see, and this can affect people’s perceptions of your results. Overall success could actually be negated by over-reporting, as the dips and fluctuations of rankings and traffic may make your client feel like you aren't doing a good job.

The Semantic Web is all about understanding the meaning behind entities and keywords. For years, Google has been indexing things like “Dolly Parton” and returning pages and blogs about her...