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08 Dec 2017
By atom42
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Earlier this year atom42 celebrated its 10th birthday and with that ten years of being an honest and transparent agency treating client businesses as our own. With questions integral to everything we do, we’ve worked hard to ask and answer smarter questions to ensure we deliver a well-connected acquisition strategy for our clients.

During our ten years, we’ve become increasingly aware of the disconnect between branding and communications work and acquisition activity – this can often lead to missed opportunities and a disconnect in how a business approaches their marketing.

Bridging this gap between creative and acquisition felt like the next big question for us in the aim to provide more for our clients, and is at the heart of our latest news that we’ve been acquired by creative network, Iris Worldwide.

Andy Atalla, Founder, atom42: “Having used this approach with clients like Huffington Post, Three and more recently Solarplicity, we’ve been able to experience the positive impact and results of better integrating acquisition with vital branding and communication strategies.”

We’ve worked closely with Iris through 2017, supporting them with work on Philips, KFC, Shell and Original Source, and are looking forward to finding more innovative ways to integrate acquisition with brand strategy as a natural development for our clients in the future.

Iris believe that businesses need to be bold and brave during these uncertain economic times, and that anyone trying to ‘play it safe’ might, inadvertently, be taking the biggest risks. This belief, together with their ‘no bullshit’ approach to what they do and the transparency with which they work with clients makes us a perfect match.

Excitingly, our teams and clients now have access to a pool of industry leaders in the creative sphere, custom reporting platforms and more advanced CRM programs that will only serve to drive results forward in the future.

It’s been an incredible journey so far. Thanks to everyone who has played a part in it, and we’re looking forward to seeing what excitement the future holds.

Thanks from everyone at atom42.

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