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Boost conversions with a better call to action

11 Jul 2013
By Corinne

Online marketing can help bring you high volumes of relevant traffic to your website. But once you’ve led those horses to water, how can you increase the probability that they’re going to drink?

Find out where you’re going wrong

Conversion optimisation is an exciting part of online marketing, as tinkering with your onsite conversion process has the potential to dramatically improve conversion rates with relatively little effort.

If you’re not sure where to start, heatmap tracking and Google Analytics data can help you get an idea of how your users are behaving, once they have arrived at your site.

Perhaps they’re clicking in the wrong places, or maybe they’re getting distracted from the conversion process in some way.

Continually test your calls to action

Carrying out ongoing tests with your calls to action is one way small changes onsite can have a big impact on your overall conversion rate.

Research shows that even tiny changes in your call to action button can have a significant effect on conversions.

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Three ways to improve your calls to action

Although no two sites are the same, there are some general rules which can help you gain more conversions with your call to action. Here are three of the best:

  1. Make your call to action stand out – it should be easy to spot as a separate, clickable button. Small design details like choosing a stand-out colour and adding an extra arrow within the button can help
  2. Convey the value the user will get from clicking, rather than the action of the click itself. For example, try ‘get newsletter’ rather than ‘click here’. The more relevant you can make the message, the better
  3. Test different sizes and shapes for your button, but remember that bigger isn’t automatically better

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