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What can we learn from #TransferDeadlineDay?

31 Jan 2013
By Parker

For many, today merely marks the end of what seems like the longest, coldest, wettest month ever. But to a significant number, concentration is AWOL and Twitter has gone into meltdown.

Why? Because for the millions of football fans across the country, January 31st is, unmistakably, Transfer Deadline Day.

In years gone by, football fans’ eyes would have been religiously fixed on the sports news channels, ears burning at the radio updates, awaiting confirmation of their team signing the star they’ve been linked with, and praying they’re not off down the road to the rivals.

But these days, you needn’t pull a sickie or take a day’s holiday to keep tabs on the latest dealings. Not now there’s Twitter.

The Know It All

Twitter is fast becoming a melting pot of journalists and avid fans, so it comes as no surprise that the slightest rumour or breaking news stories spread like wildfire. Twitter knows everything.

As a Social Media Specialist *football fanatic*, I’ve been frequently, sneakily, peeking at Twitter today, to see if our tight Chairman has parted with a few million.

But it’s not just me…

At last glance, a whopping 70% of the trending topics in the UK have been relating to this, all-important day, and I’m pretty sure it’ll explode before the 11 o’clock deadline.

My Timeline has been inundated with “in the know” tweets, rumours galore about who’s going where and, of course, how much for. It’s even crashed a few times, informing me that Twitter is “over capacity” – it’s insane how one topic can create so much chaos.

Who else is talking about this?

On Facebook, pages and profiles have been created, and have seemingly generated some engagement and exchanges of views, but nothing like the scale of the fuss on Twitter.

Meanwhile on Google+, it’s all gone a bit hush on the football front.

So, for now at least, it would seem that Twitter is the place to share your news, if you want it to travel faster than if your nosey neighbour had got hold of it.

What can we learn from today?

Simply put, if you want news to travel fast, put it on Twitter.

It’s 2013 and in the world of online marketing, Twitter is, in many ways, the most powerful tool for promoting your message.

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