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03 Nov 2017
By Paul

To In-House, or to Agency? That is the question

“That’s why I love agencies…”, said the Head of Digital of a large, well-known online brand. “I don’t have to worry about sickness or holidays, hiring and firing; they just take care of all that for me.” This is just one of many rationales I’ve heard for making the agency versus in-house decision. It’s a…

atom thought
01 Nov 2017
By Jamie

Should you trust Google’s Smart Bidding technology?

Google launched their ‘Smart Bidding’ technology a little over a year ago now – one which applies deep machine learning to automate bids during each and every auction, whilst taking into account a wide range of signals to set the optimal bid for that particular search, at that particular time. Now, it should be said…

atom thought
27 Oct 2017
By Stacy

3 fundamental mistakes brands make when looking for a new digital marketing agency

Over the last year, I have spent almost 100% of my time receiving and responding to brands who need a new digital agency. My experiences have varied wildly, and I decided it’s now time to share the mistakes I believe brands make which make finding the most suitable agency very difficult. Not giving a clear…

atom thought
24 Oct 2017
By Brogan

Evolving your business into a brand

If we ask you to think of a well known brand and logo, it’s likely your thoughts will drift towards the large and well known; Coca Cola and their vibrant red or Nike and their iconic “tick”. It’s this immediacy that every brand aspires to have, to be recognisable, to create their own unique logo…

17 Oct 2017
By Bex

From bar to Digital PR

London had always been a pipe dream for me, with the soaring cost of renting a property and everyday amenities becoming a looming financial boogieman that made relocating more than a little terrifying. Nonetheless, in what is a very uncharacteristic move for me, I decided to fly by the seat of my pants and give…

13 Oct 2017
By atom42

Think Google’s New Ad Budget is bad? Wait until you see what’s coming next..

You may have logged into your AdWords account recently to find that, moving forwards, Google will effectively take some liberties with your AdWords budget, making it possible to spend DOUBLE your daily budget, with this message visible in AdWords accounts: Yep, Google can now increase your daily spend by up to twice it’s set level…

atom tips
29 Sep 2017
By Kate


Data is the lifeblood of atom42; gathering it, studying it, reporting on it and acting on it are all critical parts of our day. But something which had always bothered me was how long the gathering and reporting parts took… We pulled performance data daily for all of our clients, reports from Analytics, Adwords, Bing…

atom tips
13 Sep 2017
By Joshua

5 tips for in-house SEOs at BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO is a bit of a unicorn in the conference world. Starting out with humble beginnings in a pub in Brighton, it’s established itself as one of the largest SEO conferences in Europe. Unlike its contemporaries, BrightonSEO allows you to enjoy talks from leading industry minds without the need to re-mortgage the office to cover…

atom tips
01 Aug 2017
By Corinne

Five Reasons to Create Content Beyond Your Business

Content creation is part of every digitally-minded business strategy. It’s vital for your business to offer useful information about your specific products and services. But there are reasons for creating content that’s outside of your industry. Here are five good reasons to create content beyond the scope of your business. 1. You’ll reach a bigger…

atom tips
26 Jun 2017
By Josh

Are these the most important organic ranking factors of 2017?

We like to keep a close eye on any research related to ranking factors, and SEMRush’s ranking factors report has given us plenty to chew over since its release last week. To create their report, SEMRush has combined close to 600,000+ keywords in the top 100 positions and split them by both the keyword volume…

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