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30 May 2013
By Matt

Why you should be more inventive with PPC ad text

This post describes an interesting PPC ad testing idea. But don’t worry, it probably won’t work for you. Even when you work for a PPC marketing agency, often easy to get stuck in the mindset of “best practice” when writing PPC ads. You insert your keywords, craft a killer call to action, spend your character…

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10 Apr 2013
By Corinne

The Evolution of Enhanced Campaigns

In February, Google launched Enhanced Campaigns, a major change to the way pay per click marketing is managed. The change, as we pointed out back in February, infuriated diligent advertisers like us, who were quick to point out that Enhanced Campaigns would not offer the crucial ability to make mobile bid adjustments at ad group level….

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11 Feb 2013
By atom42

Why Google Enhanced campaigns infuriate diligent advertisers

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns are being pitched as a way to streamline PPC marketing by targeting multiple devices within the same campaign. But how will the change affect advertisers like us? Well, one major problem we see is the removal of keyword level bids for mobile. Google’s solution – a bid multiplier to be used across…

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13 Nov 2012
By Ankur

PPC vs. SEO – the battle rages on

This post looks at two different changes brought in by Google, and asks the question: does Google put the needs of the PPC community above those of SEOs (search engine optimisation professionals)? Google 1 – SEO – 0 In October 2011, Google stopped sharing data with publishers which showed how people searched for and found…

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26 Sep 2011
By Ankur

Five similarities between PPC and the stock market

It’s no secret that a well managed stock portfolio and a good pay per click (PPC) account can both yield a high return on investment. And in each case, while it’s easy to set up an account and get started, managing one can be quite complex. But the similarities don’t end there. This post highlights…

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09 Sep 2010
By Simon

Google, its advertisers, and the end-user 2003 – 2010

The launch of Google Instant has created a mighty online stir with Google users and advertisers alike. Having previously worked for Google, I know the focus has always been on the end user and Google Instant will ultimately benefit Google’s users. However, from an advertiser standpoint many Google customers will be re-thinking how they build, analyse…

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