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27 May 2009
By Corinne

Twitter Search Revamp

Twitter is about to unveil a major revamp of its search capabilities. New features will include a links search and ranking by ‘user reputation’. Twitter Search currently searches only the words within tweets, but changes have been made to the algorithm, meaning that searches will be able to include the links people have tweeted, as…

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30 Apr 2009
By Andy

Why it’s OK Not to Have a Social Media Strategy

Social is the new buzz word. Everyone’s doing it, and everyone’s talking about it. Buzz Tracking, Social Media Monitoring, Perception management – it’s all big business now, with agencies popping up all over the place specialising in this market alone. Meanwhile, marketers are running around trying to get in on the bandwagon which, without proper…

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25 Mar 2009
By Corinne

Big brother is watching you!

The government is now looking into monitoring social networking sites, with a view to using the information gathered to tackle crime gangs and terrorists. Critics are attacking the idea on the basis that tracking the sensitive personal information stored on social networking sites amounts to an infringement of privacy. Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake said…

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