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Top four tips on blog writing for traffic & engagement

04 Jun 2013
By Corinne

BLOG on speech bubble price labels

If you’ve just started blog writing and you’re looking to gain traffic and engagement, these tried and tested tips will put you strides ahead of your competition.

1. Lists and tips (and lists of tips) are always popular

I’ve often wondered if the trend for lists would die out. It’s been so successful with bloggers for so long that it can often seem over-used. It hasn’t died out though, and there are good reasons why not. Lists are intriguing, as people are always curious to see what’s been included. While it might seem repetitive to keep using ‘Top 5’ and ‘Top 10’ in your headline, there’s always a new angle you can use to make sure the content is fresh. Tips, meanwhile, can remain useful, & therefore continue to gain traffic, long after the article was posted. They also fit perfectly into the ‘list’ format.

2. Consider relevant search queries when constructing your headline

In contrast to print journalism, coming up with clever puns for online headlines is largely pointless, and can even ruin your chances of gaining traffic through ranking naturally in the search engines. Instead, think broadly about your blog article’s subject and make use of Google’s Keyword Tool to find out which words and phrases have the highest search volume associated with it. It might seem like you’re missing out on the clever, fun headline you had in mind, but just wait until you see your post ranking in the search results and gaining valuable traffic as a result – that’s the kind of reward you can only get when writing articles online.

3. Break up your text with subheadings

People have much shorter attention spans online, and subheadings help to keep articles clear & concise. It’s one way to make it as easy as possible for visitors to read and digest the information you’re presenting them with. It’s not that people won’t be interested in your article if they can’t see clearly segmented sections, it’s just that long, unbroken passages will mean they are easily distracted, and are therefore less likely to get through the whole thing.

4. Jargon words like ‘synergies’ will irritate your readers

If you’ve been in the marketing industry for a while, you’ll have grown used to nonsense phrases like ‘reach out’ and ‘value add’. Made-up words like ‘SEO-cial’ may even have started to make sense to you. All industries have their own terminologies, but if you want a large and loyal band of readers for your blog, you need to speak in a language which you would use in normal conversation. Think about whether you would really use the words you’re writing when chatting to a friend or your mum. If not, you’re probably going to wind people up.

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