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Case Study


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reduction in cost per paid lead


uplift in conversion rate


sales from re-engaging abandoners

The home heating industry is changing rapidly with smaller, agile and more innovative brands entering the market and challenging larger energy companies. We wanted to help E.ON adapt quickly and increase sales volume to enable them to hit their targets. To do this, we opted for a two-part strategy – kicking off with a PPC restructure that would yield immediate results alongside a longer-term SEO strategy that would help improve visibility and increase organic traffic.

01 | 45% reduction in cost per paid lead
graph showing positive PPC results

45% reduction in cost per paid lead

Before we took over the account, paid search was performing poorly, preventing E.ON from hitting their sales targets. To combat this we initially focused on restructuring the account to streamline it and unlock additional volume, whilst also expanding the keyword lists to target relevant terms which were missing. We then focused on reducing wastage through expanding our negative keyword list and removing high CPL keywords and ads. This led to cost per lead reducing by 45%. Finally we focused on improving click through rate. We updated all the ads to the latest formats and improved ad copy which resulting in a 200% growth in click through rate. All of this work led to a increase in leads and PPC conversion rate rising by 71%.

02 | 31% uplift in conversion rate
Smartphone showing eon mobile site

31% uplift in conversion rate

As a first step, we worked with the E.ON team to get detailed tracking working on the purchase funnel so we could better understand how users interacted at each stage of it. Once we had gather insights around this, we provided a number of conversion rate improvements. This included; updating the call to action to encourage click throughs and vertical scrolling for specific pages on mobile. Following these changes being implemented, we saw an uplift in conversion of 35%.

03 | Re-engaging abandoners
eon site on tablet

Re-engaging abandoners

Purchasing a boiler is a big decision with a large cost associated. As such, it is normal for users to shop around and not convert on the first visit. In order to get more customers through the funnel, we needed to re-engage abandoners. Onsite surveys helped us gather information on why users were leaving so we could tailor exit-intent popups to keep them interested. This helped us drive over 400 additional sales.

04 | Making strides in SEO
google SERP for boilers search

Making strides in SEO

By improving on-site technical SEO and optimising content, organic visibility has been growing. We managed to gain a big boost by optimising for finance terms, which led to top 3 rankings and a 10 fold increase in organic leads from the finance page.

Client Says

Fantastic Account Team! Atom42 are extremely knowledgeable, proactive and responsive. After just a few months of working with the team they had delivered significant results. Their insight and action led approach coupled with their understanding of our business has made a real difference. I think their enthusiasm, energy and straight-talking really sets them apart.

- Lisa Fowkes
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