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Case Study


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increase in organic traffic


increase in PPC conversions


increase in CR on core landing pages

iSmash were struggling to gain visibility online but had a goal of being the go-to repair brand. However, with a poorly converting website, limiting PPC structure and no local visibility meant we had our work cut out for us!

01 | A three-fold strategy
iSmash case study positive results

A three-fold strategy

In order to improve results, we first needed to think short term, implementing quick wins in the paid accounts to have an immediate impact. Following this we looked longer term, focusing on improving onsite user experience and conversion rate and developing a strong organic and local prescence to yield lasting results.

02 | PPC account restructure led to a 81% conversions uplift
iSmash case study PPC and local SEO

PPC account restructure led to a 81% conversions uplift

When we began working with iSmash it was clear that the account structure was not optimal for the expanding business, with no easy way to add new stores to the account. We therefore started with a complete restructure of the PPC account, setting it up to allow for simpler management, scalability and spend distribution across the stores, as well as streamlining our keywords. Following this we identified a number of keyword gaps, enabling us to unlock extra demand from queries like Apple Repairs and iPhone glass replacement.

03 | Granular optimisation drove a 53% drop in CPA
iSmash case study local PPC ads

Granular optimisation drove a 53% drop in CPA

As part of the restructure, we needed to optimise the bidding to drive costs down. We began by implementing postcode bid adjustments, bidding more for people who were nearer to the stores. Following this we used a script to implement hourly bid adjustments based on results to bid higher at peak times for conversions. As well as this, we created prequalifying ad copy to improve the quality of click throughs.

04 | 2.5x growth in local organic traffic
iSmash local seo ranking

2.5x growth in local organic traffic

When it came to SEO, there were multiple areas that we needed to focus on. Firstly we needed to create a local search presence for individual stores. We did this through onsite optimisation, implementing schema mark up, gaining citations, improving the review footprint, Google Business optimisatio and ensuring NAP consistency. Following this we reached the top 3 positions for all stores and as a result saw a 2.5x growth in local organic traffic.

05 | Leveraging PR activity with interactive tools
mac monitor displaying iSmash improved website

Leveraging PR activity with interactive tools

In order to improve Domain Authority, we needed more credible links to the site. To help achieve this, we leveraged iSmash’s PR activity by creating fun interactive tools that were interesting and shareable. These tools touched on topics such as ‘When am I most likely to break my phone’ – a calculator that used real stats to calculate your riskiest day of the year. We also created a calculator for users to work out the resale value of their phone before and after investing in a repair. We then seeded these tools and content to press to drive inbound links from the likes of GQ and The Daily Star.

06 | Improving the review footprint
Macbook screen showcasing iSmash review footprint.

Improving the review footprint

We needed to generate more high-quality reviews across a range of independent review platforms – such as Google, Trustpilot and Yelp. To do this, we created a funnel process whereby a user would receive a text post-repair and be sent to a landing page for customers to score their experience. Lower scores were then redirected to the support centre for the customer service team to deal with and try and resolve any issues the client may have and improve their experience with the brand, whereas high scores were directed to our chosen review platform. This helped us increase the review score from 4 stars to 5 stars on Trustpilot and increase reviews to over 4,000.

07 | 39% increase in conversion rate following CRO
iSmash landing page showcase.

39% increase in conversion rate following CRO

We made a number of big changes to the landing pages to improve the conversion rate. We started by pushing trust signals – like reviews, press logos and USPs – above the fold. We then streamlined the booking funnel and captured an email address as a first step to allow for email abandoned cart notifications and lastly enhanced the experience by including stock checks for all stores. These changes improved the conversion rate on device landing pages by between 39% and and 61% depending on the device. The abandoned cart email also boosted conversions further, boasting a 54% open rate and a 34% conversion rate.

Client Says

Recommended for joined up digital success 🙂 Possessing a strong understanding of how each channel works and how they work together to drive digital performance, layered with solid dev and creative to ensure a strong platform to work from, plus intuitive insights to inform decisions. Also a jolly nice team to work with – and generous with their time and treats!

- Daniel J D'Auria
Atom42 Says

Working with iSmash has allowed us to work across the whole digital funnel all the way from prospecting to onsite conversion. We were able to create a seamless strategy end to end and optimise and test our work. We always believe that your website and marketing strategy should be aligned and considered together instead of as independent items. The proof of this is in the results!

atom42 employee Jonny
- Jonny
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