Case Study
Case Study

Samsung SEO

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increase in organic traffic YoY


YoY increase in keywords ranking in position 1-3

With a global brand in such a competitive space, we’ve taken a broad view of the whole customer journey across multiple departments, from mobile devices to domestic appliances, to be able to make the biggest possible improvement to online performance. By stepping back to understand user behaviour and intent, and then optimising the on site SEO, we’ve been more effective at improving rankings and increasing sales.

01 | Improving SEO on
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Improving SEO on

Large, complex sites can be challenging for SEO as the site structure consists of thousands of different product pages, categories and content types. Prioritisation is key here, so we run regular audits to establish our SEO focuses, and then ensure they align with the business focuses and objectives. The basics can’t be ignored, so we ensure that all page titles and descriptions are optimised for both organic visibility and click through rate, focusing first on the pages with the highest revenue driving opportunity. A large business means many stakeholders are involved, so we were also quick to establish clear SEO procedures, so all new pages going live on are optimised proactively upon launch, to ensure maximum visibility as quickly as possible. These changes have contributed to organic traffic increasing by 4% sitewide YoY and a 12% increase in keywords ranking in the top 3 positions.

02 | Technical Health
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Technical Health

Our technical audits cover the key areas of indexation, crawlability, site speed, security, and structured data. For a large global website like Samsung, quickly fixing issues with redirects, hreflang tags, internal links and canonical tags, can have big improvements to the speed, usability and ranking of the website. Regularly re-running these audits mean that we can check on the implementation success of past audits, and check new issues haven’t arisen in the interim.

03 | Samsung appliances: Understanding the user
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Samsung appliances: Understanding the user

How do you improve the user experience across all your retail partners selling high end televisions? With so many partner websites over which we had little control, providing recommendations for improvements was challenging. As a first step, we needed to understand the user. We did unmoderated usability tests with 30 different candidates to understand their research behaviours. It helped us understand exactly how users make their purchasing decisions – from what they type into Google, to what content was most convincing for them. From these insights, we were able to provide a list of enhancements for all partner retailers to implement on their sites. The insights were well received and we have since done the same exercise for a number of different home appliances departments.

04 | Targeting users higher up the funnel
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Targeting users higher up the funnel

To reach new audiences, we aimed to target users earlier in their on-site research and potentially before they even decided they needed a new appliance. By targeting keywords such as ‘Moving house’, ‘Kitchen refurbishment’ or ‘laundry tips’, we’re able to get on a user’s consideration list early on and start building brand awareness which in turn drives more brand demand and reduces reliance on paid. We did this by researching social trends and backlink data to understand what kind of content users were interested in. This gave us a good indication of the kind of content we needed to create to target users higher up in the funnel.

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Samsung Retail Partners

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45% reduction in cost per paid lead


195% growth in organic traffic YoY
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