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From the way it looks and how it makes people feel to how you rank on Google, your brand is the thread that runs through every aspect of your business. It needs to be memorable and get you results.

A strong brand builds trust and loyalty

Branding is a vital element of any business – the visual story your branding tells makes a quicker and more powerful impact on potential customers than you could imagine. Whether you’re a new business that wants to start from scratch, or an established brand that needs to rethink and refresh, our branding experts can guide you through everything, from a brand strategy to a logo design. Get in touch and we’ll give you more details.

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New name, logo, website and strategy

From Potrell to Vivo, we developed a new name and logo to create the face of a friendly, approachable, family owned propery buying company.

Modernising an outdated brand and site

A stylish new website needed a brand refresh to help modernise and freshen a business who is forward thinking, helping schools reduce their carbon footprint

Brand refresh to target a premium customer

We completely revamped and modernised the brand and rebuilt a massive new website to target a more premium clientele.


Creating a brand is about more than just aesthetics. Your brand is your most powerful marketing tool.


Market analysis

We get to know the market, your competitors and audiences in detail


Keyword analysis

We want to know what your users are searching for online so we know how to position your brand


Competitor analysis

Learn from your frenemies! Understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses give you an edge


Profiling & Personas

To develop your brand you need to understand exactly who your key audience is and what makes them tick



Think ahead to your marketing campaign and how you will target customers to help build a brand position



We wrap all the strategy into logo and asset development to create a powerful brand that drives results

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